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BOXX ETF: Cashlike Returns Without the Tax Bill

Unboxing the Alpha Architect ETF’s approach to a popular option trade.

5 Top-Performing Mid-Cap Growth Funds

Funds from MSCI and Vanguard attempt to match market returns.

Are Diversified Real Asset Funds a Good Inflation Hedge?

Evaluating if these strategies deliver better performance in inflationary conditions.

The Best Value Funds

These mutual funds and ETFs invest in value stocks and earn top ratings from Morningstar.

How to Simplify Your Investment Portfolio

Basic stocks and bonds are still the workhorses of long-term investments.

David Herro and Rajiv Jain: Should US Investors Look Overseas?

Two esteemed international investors discuss the case for non-US stocks as well as where they’re finding opportunities today.

3 Great Yet Underappreciated Vanguard ETFs

There’s some great choices off the beaten path.

Fund Fees Are Still Declining—but at a Slower Pace

5 key fee trends from the past year.

The Best International Stock Funds

These international mutual funds and ETFs all earn Morningstar Medalist Ratings of Gold.

A Prolific First Half for ETF Flows

US exchange-traded funds raked in $413 billion over the first six months of 2024.

Why We Like Dodge & Cox Stock

This is a great offering for patient, long-term investors.

How the Largest Bond Funds Did In Q2 2024

Dodge and Cox Income led its category, while PIMCO Income and Met West Total Return fell behind.

How the Largest US Stock Funds Did In Q2 2024

Vanguard Primecap and Vanguard Growth ETF led, while American Funds AMCAP lagged.

The Best Stock Funds for the Core of an Investment Portfolio

These top-rated mutual funds and ETFs make excellent long-term core holdings.

Utilizing Broader Resources Sets Janus Henderson Contrarian’s Manager Apart

Here are the Morningstar Medalist Rating highlights from June.

Funds That Play Defense

These funds might not be as exciting as large-growth funds, but they can provide ballast when markets take a turn.

Bank Loans Lead Bond Fund Performance in Q2 2024

How some of our favorite managers fared during another volatile period for the bond markets.

Worst-Performing Stock ETFs of the Quarter

ARK Innovation ETF and Pacer US Small Cap Cash Cows 100 ETF were among the worst-performing ETFs in Q2 2024.

Top-Performing Stock ETFs of the Quarter

HCM Defender 100 Index ETF and Direxion HCM Tactical Enhanced US Equity Strategy ETF were among the best-performing ETFs in Q2 2024.

SPY vs. VOO: Which of Warren Buffett’s ETFs Is Better?

Both of the exchange-traded funds in Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio track the S&P 500. Only one earns Morningstar’s top rating.

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