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Corporate Bond Funds

Corporate bond portfolios concentrate on investment-grade bonds issued by corporations in U.S. dollars, which tend to have more credit risk than government or agency-backed bonds. These portfolios hold more than 65% of their assets in corporate debt, less than 40% of their assets in non-U.S. debt, less than 35% in below-investment-grade debt, and durations that typically range between 75% and 150% of the three-year average of the effective duration of the Morningstar Core Bond Index.

Morningstar Category
Fund Size
SEC 30-Day Yield
TTM Yield
Total Return Rank in Category
3 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
5 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
10 Year
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Minimum Initial Investment
Share Class Type
Investment Status
Vanguard Interm-Term Invmt-Grade InvVFICXCorporate Bond32.19 Bil5.09%4.04%3552690.200%3,000No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett Income F3LOGVXCorporate Bond4.26 Bil5.43%5.36%18200.470%No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett Income FLAUFXCorporate Bond4.26 Bil5.29%5.19%2440310.650%No LoadOpen
American Funds Corporate Bond F1BFCFXCorporate Bond1.78 Bil4.51%3.60%88580.680%250No LoadOpen
American Funds Corporate Bond 529F1COBFXCorporate Bond1.78 Bil4.65%3.80%81400.740%250No LoadOpen
American Funds Corporate Bond 529-F-3FBCDXCorporate Bond1.78 Bil4.76%3.94%770.370%250No LoadOpen
American Funds Corporate Bond F2BFCGXCorporate Bond1.78 Bil4.69%3.87%78370.430%250No LoadOpen
American Funds Corporate Bond 529-F-2FFBBXCorporate Bond1.78 Bil4.68%3.87%770.420%250No LoadOpen
Columbia Corporate Income AdvCIFRXCorporate Bond1.67 Bil4.88%4.17%254360.620%2,000No LoadOpen
Fidelity Corporate BondFCBFXCorporate Bond1.67 Bil5.14%3.84%6947380.450%No LoadOpen
Thrivent Income SLBIIXCorporate Bond999.10 Mil5.03%4.15%4012170.470%2,000No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Investment Grd Crdt PGGBPXCorporate Bond659.96 Mil4.71%4.46%39310.380%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Investment Grd Crdt InvGTIRXCorporate Bond659.96 Mil4.62%4.37%4140580.470%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Investment Grd Crdt SAIGSCPXCorporate Bond659.96 Mil4.71%4.46%3831420.380%No LoadOpen
T. Rowe Price Corporate IncomePRPIXCorporate Bond545.16 Mil4.74%4.33%8287770.590%2,500No LoadOpen
Fidelity Series Corporate BondFHMFXCorporate Bond540.86 Mil5.59%4.23%4916No LoadOpen
BNY Mellon Corporate Bond InvestorBYMIXCorporate Bond424.24 Mil4.89%3.60%63140.830%10,000No LoadOpen
BNY Mellon Corporate Bond MBYMMXCorporate Bond424.24 Mil5.12%3.91%5150.580%10,000No LoadOpen
Vanguard Global Credit Bond InvestorVGCIXCorporate Bond375.28 Mil4.55%4.44%1870.350%3,000No LoadOpen
Payden Corporate Bond AdviserPYAYXCorporate Bond366.81 Mil0.910%5,000No LoadOpen
Payden Corporate BondPYACXCorporate Bond366.81 Mil4.85%4.04%436680.660%5,000No LoadOpen
LKCM Fixed-IncomeLKFIXCorporate Bond284.12 Mil3.85%2.29%489970.500%2,000No LoadOpen
AB Sustainable Thematic Credit AdvisorSTHYXCorporate Bond241.53 Mil3.72%0.600%No LoadOpen
PIA BBB BondPBBBXCorporate Bond199.25 Mil5.17%3.68%4537360.150%1,000No LoadOpen
Federated Hermes Corporate Bond StrategyFCSPXCorporate Bond161.47 Mil5.61%4.03%No LoadOpen
Voya Investment Grade Credit WVIGWXCorporate Bond58.22 Mil6.36%4.66%85270.650%1,000No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett Corporate Bond F3LBCOXCorporate Bond9.40 Mil5.08%4.83%43440.380%No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett Corporate Bond FLCCFXCorporate Bond9.40 Mil4.89%4.64%60580.580%No LoadOpen
Metropolitan West Corporate Bond MMWCSXCorporate Bond5.13 Mil4.89%3.61%84200.750%5,000No LoadOpen

Corporate Bond Funds - Default List Criteria

This list is limited to US mutual funds that are primarily used by individual or retail investors.

SEC Yield is based on a 30-day period ending on the last day of the previous month. It is computed by dividing the net investment incomes per share earned during the period by the maximum offering price per share on the last day of the period. The figure listed lags by one month. When a dash appears, the yield available is more than 30 days old.

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