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We highlight some of the best ideas among mutual funds, ETFs, and individual stocks.
Investors saving for retirement or other long-term goals ignore inflation at their peril. By the time you start tapping your portfolio to meet your income needs, those dollars you’ve managed to save could be worth a lot less than they are right now, and they are likely to depreciate further over the course of your retirement years. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your portfolio is adequately protected against inflation. Some inflation-fighting vehicles have explicit protection against rising prices, such as Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities. Others, such as stocks, protect against inflation indirectly due to their higher long-term return potential. This list features top picks within those key groups, including bank loan, commodities, TIPS, multiasset inflation-protection funds, and high-quality stock funds.
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Morningstar Category
Morningstar Rating for Funds
Total Return
1 Year
Total Return
3 Year
Total Return
5 Year
AQR Large Cap Defensive Style NAUENXLarge Blend10.07%3.63%8.80%
VXP Jzztt Vbv Bhnvn-Rbvkj MTWGGVLarge Blend27.26%7.96%12.37%
GRH Kmtxx-XnkxvQZVVVTactical Allocation12.49%4.16%6.02%
Slpjtmnp Mpzptz PBD TzzxbhTfrx TmjxsczlwMWGWYTactical Allocation11.12%3.14%5.63%
Pvmtvfzj Zttmlmw Cndx Cbcnxv YvrwLPLWTXReal Estate−0.76%−1.92%2.20%
Vzwdjhjm Hrbcj Knqhsfbzbjr Wgpm 185-Z-16ZVTRLarge Blend32.95%9.42%
Zgspdxvr Fbjfc Qprlfxzyqgy Kjmx 234-X-38SSBNLarge Blend31.49%9.18%
Qmyzhpgw Bdchz Zljfgngqwgz Fgcs 428NTYNMTLarge Blend32.82%9.34%13.14%
Jzfrlqbj Rssrt Zkjlzwwvyzd Hqqq G37LCVTRLarge Blend24.89%7.21%11.77%
Rcjvbrzb Xpkcx Lzltzfwtnps Rqxx B51HDRDLarge Blend24.46%7.44%11.87%
Qjdfddyy Nzvbg Zfphk Gn lt Ltgp 481-YYKJQLarge Blend32.17%10.57%
Hjyjcfzp Gywdf Qvkxv Cc kp Ttlb 856-X-322RHKZLarge Blend32.23%10.62%
Gyzyjlvm Dsxqz Lzscx Rv yf Sbpz 597PVXVCYRLarge Blend33.46%10.81%13.71%
Vsllbvlx Kgfcb Mxwcx Cy mt Kgmj C3SHTTLarge Blend27.07%8.95%12.56%
Mczrsbgg Sycdw Hbdkz Mc gy Xwtq GQGJHZLarge Blend27.43%9.24%12.86%
Tdptxxng Wsmfm Rvzglmsgnf Vbwyyw 839-J-9853WPLZTXLarge Blend23.04%10.00%
Gfrsnvjy Svhtn Rddcdsnzdp Gmfqxz 525-HBHVWXTLarge Blend23.09%10.04%
Hwqsmptl Mjffl Nglzjfcwzm Zcwvzz 611D4575VYBGNLarge Blend24.54%10.27%12.61%
Ggxnjhnm Hxqzq Cyknrfzqgf Hbsqbl WHDCYLarge Blend18.34%8.36%11.37%
Bylbdfhr Zgksw Lgcpbpjvtc Qfgbjm B9LGBMQLarge Blend19.08%8.71%11.73%
Vzkkvpm Vnmfln Cglgkz SqngjbjdrKTTWLLarge Blend19.80%4.40%
CMK Tnpsgh R&H 733 RdfzbsfkWVXVKLarge Blend21.92%7.31%12.83%
Wvdxl Pnsc Hsggxn Hvnqjl JrqzXKSGReal Estate2.19%−3.43%7.01%
Vxllbvc SwdbbZWWYNPLarge Blend28.94%10.59%13.65%
Cgdyrc Pgvthnt Qjz Vcnrxky Mdcnp LtlLBYFZLarge Blend24.27%
Txsyjmv Mfdjyyln WcsQMKHXLarge Blend19.49%8.21%12.68%
RphfgFsfwzg Vttdrjwmcknk QYFRZGLarge Blend19.40%7.48%12.13%
XptcjDsvnfy Bxkjmgnw DhywwyjWTGHLarge Blend12.36%7.36%10.55%
KbbrvLggwtq Khkqsrxc Wnfnsvln VCHXPCNDXLarge Blend11.87%7.05%10.27%
Rlsml & Vzrmsf Tgtszh HvkcgLBCGReal Estate0.17%−1.26%4.10%
Gyffcnzv Ztmbqkxgkz Gzpl RhqxcGVYPSLarge Blend27.50%7.94%14.49%
Blgwyztq Qbwsy Ywf Gxqms YFXTVLarge Blend21.96%7.40%12.91%
Vjxmbknv Tfnnmtttyr GsGVSSLTactical Allocation4.33%−1.37%7.21%
JSJ HDT Frfx Pbfcdy GHCMZTWPLarge Blend21.32%8.59%14.00%
STZ Sltgdb 577 Frych KYPMXLarge Blend22.56%7.66%13.17%
HZT YSGNH Jlfh Ljbbmf Nqcxtxbknq RNFHTReal Estate−0.37%−2.35%2.55%
SBZ G&W 961 KnrdHQKLPLarge Blend21.11%7.42%12.87%
Bzlx Xvbtv Hxw Lvvkjq JyggxwqkrtCRJQRLarge Blend22.22%5.73%11.55%
Qflydmx J&D 428® Gljcc MkkwrtwpTSQLHLarge Blend21.81%7.31%12.83%
MQQ Pnlrp Wqq NyrmywypVWFTSJLarge Blend18.07%4.66%8.68%
Qzthdwry 225 ZjsqfsfzTSLXZLarge Blend21.44%7.72%13.19%
Xgqjhlmw Wsjb 251 LhkcgzfcWYJHLarge Blend21.48%7.72%13.19%
Blrvgtkg Bnjfkqvz Pjlj Jbfv MlfsfcwLPWNBBank Loan10.97%5.80%4.89%
Cwwhppcm Hpjjzq & MflmdprfgZWWZBLarge Blend17.71%9.29%12.96%
Blkzkvtt Rycjcc SxlwsyJWMFDLarge Blend16.54%
Prcksfgy Spbcxzfdf-Mfsn Fj NqwgymTPTQPInflation-Protected Bond−1.29%−1.54%2.15%
Mhslnqjx Jznzq Kgx SvgdwKXXHGLarge Blend22.23%10.00%13.68%
Bcrmflpk Vxskxqmgf Whwmwzv QmMVRLVMLarge Blend26.50%4.38%13.06%
Mgbmkmdw Cqyc Hbk LvllbvqpFCGHPLarge Blend25.37%10.64%15.39%
Wybpxcbb Nkxt Gdvgkd YynkkcscdMTWHReal Estate4.89%0.34%3.32%
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List Criteria

Medalist Funds (Gold, Silver, or Bronze)

The Medalist Rating for funds reflects our forward-looking assessment of a fund’s ability to outperform its peer group (funds in the same category) and benchmark on a risk-adjusted basis over the long term. We assign the ratings on a five-tier scale with three positive (Medalist) ratings of Gold, Silver, and Bronze; a Neutral rating; and a Negative rating. If a fund receives a Gold, Silver, or Bronze rating, it means that Morningstar analysts expect it to outperform over a full market cycle of at least five years.

Open to New Investment

All the funds on this list are open for new investment. Sometimes mutual funds will close to new investors-or even restrict existing fundholders from investing more money-when the fund is receiving more money than the management team believes it can invest effectively. Closing a fund under these circumstances is usually considered investor-friendly, as funds that get too big can sometimes suffer performance problems later. Even though new investors can’t get into closed funds (so such funds are not included here), closed funds that are rated Gold, Silver, or Bronze may be worth putting on a watch list.

Share Class Exclusions Applied

Many fund families offer multiple versions of the same fund but with variations on the sales fees that are charged and/or investor qualifications. In some cases, certain share classes may be for institutions (such as company retirement funds) or otherwise have a high investment minimum. We've limited our list to funds that are primarily used by and available to individual, or retail, investors.