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Mid-Cap Blend Funds

Mid-blend funds invest in stocks of medium-sized companies where neither growth nor value characteristics predominate. The market capitalization range for U.S. mid-caps typically falls between $1 billion and $8 billion and represents 20% of the total capitalization of the U.S. equity market.

Morningstar Category
Fund Size
TTM Yield
Total Return Rank in Category
3 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
5 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
10 Year
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Minimum Initial Investment
Share Class Type
Investment Status
Vanguard Mid Cap Index InvestorVIMSXMid-Cap Blend132.60 Bil1.46%7934200.170%3,000No LoadLimited
Vanguard Extended Market Index InvestorVEXMXMid-Cap Blend79.07 Bil1.26%9970580.190%3,000No LoadLimited
Fidelity® Extended Market IndexFSMAXMid-Cap Blend32.90 Bil1.30%9868540.035%No LoadOpen
Fidelity® Mid Cap IndexFSMDXMid-Cap Blend28.73 Bil1.50%6931170.025%No LoadOpen
Fidelity® Mid-Cap StockFMCSXMid-Cap Blend6.92 Bil0.99%1015150.850%No LoadOpen
Vanguard Strategic Equity InvVSEQXMid-Cap Blend6.57 Bil1.26%816140.170%3,000No LoadOpen
Parnassus Mid-CapPARMXMid-Cap Blend5.26 Bil0.01%9691660.960%2,000No LoadOpen
Touchstone Mid Cap YTMCPXMid-Cap Blend4.92 Bil0.30%561090.930%2,500No LoadOpen
Touchstone Mid Cap ZTMCTXMid-Cap Blend4.92 Bil0.24%5811121.230%2,500No LoadOpen
Janus Henderson Contrarian DJACNXMid-Cap Blend3.88 Bil0.48%826450.860%2,500No LoadLimited
Janus Henderson Contrarian SJCNIXMid-Cap Blend3.88 Bil0.14%847581.310%2,500No LoadOpen
Janus Henderson Contrarian TJSVAXMid-Cap Blend3.88 Bil0.37%826490.980%2,500No LoadOpen
Thrivent Mid Cap Stock STMSIXMid-Cap Blend3.86 Bil0.35%643140.750%2,000No LoadOpen
VALIC Company I Mid Cap IndexVMIDXMid-Cap Blend2.82 Bil1.17%4155350.360%No LoadOpen
Columbia Mid Cap Index ANTIAXMid-Cap Blend2.49 Bil1.08%4357410.450%2,000No LoadOpen
ClearBridge Mid Cap 1SMCPXMid-Cap Blend1.92 Bil0.26%8473750.830%No LoadClosed
Fidelity® Stock Selector Mid CapFSSMXMid-Cap Blend1.91 Bil0.66%4938360.720%No LoadOpen
Northern Mid Cap IndexNOMIXMid-Cap Blend1.84 Bil1.41%3447260.100%2,500No LoadOpen
iShares Russell Mid-Cap Index Inv ABRMAXMid-Cap Blend1.72 Bil1.42%73430.370%1,000No LoadOpen
FMI Common Stock InvestorFMIMXMid-Cap Blend1.63 Bil0.12%16111.000%1,000No LoadOpen
BNY Mellon MidCap Index InvPESPXMid-Cap Blend1.57 Bil1.21%4459420.510%2,500No LoadOpen
FAM Value InvestorFAMVXMid-Cap Blend1.54 Bil0.16%4641161.180%500No LoadOpen
Fidelity® SAI Small-Mid Cap 500 IndexFZFLXMid-Cap Blend1.45 Bil1.23%64260.050%No LoadOpen
MoA Mid Cap Equity Index FundMAMEXMid-Cap Blend1.42 Bil1.38%3648280.160%3,000No LoadOpen
Patient Opportunity FILMOFXMid-Cap Blend1.26 Bil10098851.600%No LoadOpen
Schwab ® US Mid-Cap IndexSWMCXMid-Cap Blend1.19 Bil1.38%70320.040%No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett Value Opportunities FLVOFXMid-Cap Blend1.18 Bil0.23%7584781.010%No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett Value Opportunities F3LVOOXMid-Cap Blend1.18 Bil0.37%73810.800%No LoadOpen
Empower S&P Mid Cap 400® Index LMXBUXMid-Cap Blend1.12 Bil3.16%40560.800%No LoadLimited
Empower S&P Mid Cap 400® Index InvMXMDXMid-Cap Blend1.12 Bil0.47%4660460.550%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Mid Cap Value SvcGSMSXMid-Cap Blend1.11 Bil0.35%2021711.330%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Mid Cap Value PGMPPXMid-Cap Blend1.11 Bil0.78%14160.820%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Mid Cap Value InvGCMTXMid-Cap Blend1.11 Bil0.74%1517620.940%No LoadOpen
Voya Russell Mid Cap Index Port SIRMCXMid-Cap Blend925.35 Mil1.56%7856440.650%No LoadOpen
Bridge Builder Tax Managed Sm/Md CpBBTSXMid-Cap Blend904.74 Mil0.25%0.520%No LoadOpen
T. Rowe Price Extended Equity Market IdxPEXMXMid-Cap Blend893.16 Mil1.11%9773590.250%2,500No LoadOpen
Hartford Schroders US MidCap Opps ISMDIXMid-Cap Blend891.26 Mil0.44%3157180.890%2,000No LoadOpen
Hartford Schroders US MidCap Opps R5HFDTXMid-Cap Blend891.26 Mil0.41%32580.920%No LoadOpen
Longleaf Partners Small-CapLLSCXMid-Cap Blend822.97 Mil1.07%9199950.950%10,000No LoadOpen
Davenport Equity OpportunitiesDEOPXMid-Cap Blend757.82 Mil0.35%50580.890%5,000No LoadOpen
Victory Extended Market IndexUSMIXMid-Cap Blend720.62 Mil1.20%8628430.370%3,000No LoadOpen
AMG GW&K Small Mid Cap Core NGWGVXMid-Cap Blend670.49 Mil0.03%73171.070%2,000No LoadOpen
Eventide Dividend Opportunities NETNDXMid-Cap Blend645.67 Mil0.68%4371.150%1,000No LoadOpen
FAM Dividend Focus Fund InvestorFAMEXMid-Cap Blend641.13 Mil0.37%14821.230%500No LoadOpen
Hennessy Focus InvestorHFCSXMid-Cap Blend625.46 Mil7570601.520%2,500No LoadOpen
Meridian Contrarian LegacyMVALXMid-Cap Blend573.91 Mil6040141.150%1,000No LoadClosed
Morgan Stanley Pathway Sm-Mid Cap EqTSGUXMid-Cap Blend468.24 Mil0.63%8679860.590%1,000No LoadOpen
Voya Index Plus MidCap Port SIPMSXMid-Cap Blend462.59 Mil0.82%2768680.850%No LoadOpen
TRP Integrated US SMCC Eq AdvTQSAXMid-Cap Blend419.70 Mil0.25%39281.140%2,500No LoadOpen
TRP Integrated US SMCC EqTQSMXMid-Cap Blend419.70 Mil0.42%30200.870%2,500No LoadOpen

Mid-Cap Blend Funds - Default List Criteria

This list is limited to US mutual funds that are primarily used by individual or retail investors.

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