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Real Estate Funds

Real estate portfolios invest primarily in real estate investment trusts of various types. REITs are companies that develop and manage real estate properties. There are several different types of REITs, including apartment, factory-outlet, health-care, hotel, industrial, mortgage, office, and shopping center REITs. Some portfolios in this category also invest in real estate operating companies.

Morningstar Category
Fund Size
TTM Yield
Total Return Rank in Category
3 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
5 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
10 Year
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Minimum Initial Investment
Share Class Type
Investment Status
Vanguard Real Estate Index InvestorVGSIXReal Estate32.46 Bil3.94%6752550.260%3,000No LoadLimited
Cohen & Steers Real Estate Securities FCREFXReal Estate6.98 Bil3.06%22100.750%No LoadLimited
Cohen & Steers Realty Shares LCSRSXReal Estate5.36 Bil2.99%151060.880%10,000No LoadOpen
Fidelity Real Estate IncomeFRIFXReal Estate4.57 Bil4.97%6851710.730%No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF Real Estate Sec RetailTCREXReal Estate2.92 Bil2.53%8326120.770%2,500No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF Real Estate Sec PremierTRRPXReal Estate2.92 Bil2.63%802590.630%No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF Real Estate Sec AdvisorTIRHXReal Estate2.92 Bil2.66%79240.600%No LoadOpen
Fidelity Real Estate Investment PortFRESXReal Estate2.60 Bil2.28%3070410.720%No LoadOpen
Fidelity Real Estate IndexFSRNXReal Estate2.53 Bil2.93%6287750.070%No LoadOpen
Baron Real Estate RetailBREFXReal Estate1.70 Bil0.05%85111.330%2,000No LoadOpen
DWS RREEF Real Estate Securities SRRREXReal Estate1.10 Bil1.73%5031220.750%2,500No LoadOpen
Invesco Real Estate InvestorREINXReal Estate1.07 Bil2.11%7283721.240%1,000No LoadLimited
T. Rowe Price Real Estate AdvisorPAREXReal Estate854.04 Mil2.27%2482821.090%2,500No LoadOpen
T. Rowe Price Real EstateTRREXReal Estate854.04 Mil2.61%1679780.820%2,500No LoadOpen
Empower Real Estate Index InvMXREXReal Estate804.01 Mil1.70%3883740.650%No LoadOpen
Neuberger Berman Real Estate TrNBRFXReal Estate717.61 Mil2.21%6923231.400%1,000No LoadLimited
Neuberger Berman Real Estate ENREEXReal Estate717.61 Mil3.14%0.080%No LoadOpen
American Century Real Estate InvREACXReal Estate673.30 Mil2.34%4444541.150%2,500No LoadOpen
Guggenheim Risk Managed Real Estt PGURPXReal Estate348.40 Mil2.77%2881.270%No LoadOpen
Manning & Napier Real Estate SMNREXReal Estate252.68 Mil2.03%4268411.100%2,000No LoadOpen
Manning & Napier Real Estate WMNRWXReal Estate252.68 Mil3.13%110.100%No LoadOpen
JHancock Real Estate Securities 1JIREXReal Estate245.51 Mil2.38%3421170.850%No LoadOpen
VY® CBRE Real Estate SIVRSXReal Estate177.92 Mil2.39%616390.930%No LoadOpen
Columbia Real Estate Equity AdvCRERXReal Estate171.98 Mil2.34%314231.000%2,000No LoadOpen
Baron Real Estate Income RetailBRIFXReal Estate142.16 Mil1.81%8631.050%2,000No LoadOpen
Cromwell CenterSquare Real Estate InvMRESXReal Estate119.04 Mil2.03%4361381.120%2,000No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Real Estate Securities PGMJPXReal Estate99.00 Mil1.57%7330.860%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Real Estate Securities SvcGRESXReal Estate99.00 Mil1.31%1452681.370%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Real Estate Securities InvGRETXReal Estate99.00 Mil1.56%738560.960%No LoadOpen
Fidelity SAI Real Estate IndexFESIXReal Estate84.32 Mil1.05%61850.070%No LoadOpen
Terra Firma US Concntr Rlty Eq OpenTFREXReal Estate21.38 Mil1.86%2328521.250%2,500No LoadLimited
LDR Real Estate Value Opportunity PHLPPXReal Estate19.28 Mil3.22%8228871.250%2,500No LoadOpen
Commonwealth Real Estate SecuritiesCNREXReal Estate15.03 Mil15542.600%200No LoadOpen
Heitman US Real Estate Secs InvHTMNXReal Estate14.22 Mil2.74%52621.170%2,500No LoadOpen
Rydex Real Estate HRYHRXReal Estate2.26 Mil1.99%8987881.650%2,500No LoadOpen

Real Estate Funds - Default List Criteria

This list is limited to US mutual funds that are primarily used by individual or retail investors.

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