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Taxable Bond Funds

Fixed-income funds that distribute income that is subject to taxation at the federal, state, and sometimes local levels.

Morningstar Category
Fund Size
TTM Yield
Total Return Rank in Category
3 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
5 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
10 Year
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Minimum Initial Investment
Share Class Type
Investment Status
Vanguard Total Bond Market II Idx InvVTBIXIntermediate Core Bond274.71 Bil3.12%4857480.090%No LoadOpen
Vanguard Total Intl Bd II Idx InvestorVTIIXGlobal Bond-USD Hedged108.90 Bil4.24%540.130%No LoadOpen
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index InvVBMFXIntermediate Core Bond105.31 Bil3.05%5656500.150%3,000No LoadLimited
Vanguard Total Intl Bd Idx InvestorVTIBXGlobal Bond-USD Hedged85.19 Bil4.44%4875300.130%3,000No LoadLimited
American Funds Bond Fund of Amer 529FCFAFXIntermediate Core Bond80.61 Bil3.85%3512170.670%250No LoadOpen
American Funds Bond Fund of Amer 529-F-2FFBOXIntermediate Core Bond80.61 Bil3.97%300.330%250No LoadOpen
American Funds Bond Fund of Amer F2ABNFXIntermediate Core Bond80.61 Bil3.96%308120.330%250No LoadOpen
American Funds Bond Fund of Amer F1BFAFXIntermediate Core Bond80.61 Bil3.66%5120280.610%250No LoadOpen
American Funds Bond Fund of Amer 529-F-3FBOFXIntermediate Core Bond80.61 Bil4.01%280.280%250No LoadOpen
Dodge & Cox Income XDOXIXIntermediate Core-Plus Bond72.17 Bil3.92%0.330%2,500No LoadOpen
Dodge & Cox Income IDODIXIntermediate Core-Plus Bond72.17 Bil3.86%12770.410%2,500No LoadOpen
Strategic Advisers Fidelity Core IncFIWGXIntermediate Core-Plus Bond67.74 Bil3.82%25190.190%No LoadOpen
Fidelity U.S. Bond IndexFXNAXIntermediate Core Bond58.21 Bil2.96%4545390.025%No LoadOpen
Vanguard Short-Term Bond Index InvVBISXShort-Term Bond57.30 Bil2.43%8881760.150%3,000No LoadLimited
Vanguard Short-Term Investment-Grade InvVFSTXShort-Term Bond53.69 Bil3.15%6843310.200%3,000No LoadOpen
Metropolitan West Total Return Bd AdminMWTNXIntermediate Core-Plus Bond52.30 Bil3.87%9180820.780%2,500No LoadOpen
Metropolitan West Total Return Bd MMWTRXIntermediate Core-Plus Bond52.30 Bil3.98%8977750.670%5,000No LoadOpen
Vanguard Shrt-Term Infl-Prot Sec Idx InvVTIPXInflation-Protected Bond51.63 Bil2.74%914500.140%3,000No LoadLimited
Strategic Advisers Core IncomeFPCIXIntermediate Core-Plus Bond47.42 Bil3.93%5345300.310%No LoadOpen
Baird Aggregate Bond InvBAGSXIntermediate Core Bond43.63 Bil3.15%5234240.550%2,500No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett Short Duration Income F3LOLDXShort-Term Bond42.74 Bil4.83%31300.310%No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett Short Duration Income FLDLFXShort-Term Bond42.74 Bil4.67%3841170.480%No LoadOpen
Vanguard Interm-Term Bond Index InvVBIIXIntermediate Core Bond38.07 Bil3.08%6323140.150%3,000No LoadLimited
Fidelity Total Bond FundFTBFXIntermediate Core-Plus Bond34.76 Bil4.18%1813130.450%No LoadOpen
Bridge Builder Core Plus BondBBCPXIntermediate Core-Plus Bond33.16 Bil4.20%23170.200%No LoadOpen
Vanguard Interm-Term Invmt-Grade InvVFICXCorporate Bond32.19 Bil3.89%3256700.200%3,000No LoadOpen
DoubleLine Total Return Bond NDLTNXIntermediate Core-Plus Bond30.84 Bil4.19%5691790.740%2,000No LoadOpen
Baird Core Plus Bond InvBCOSXIntermediate Core-Plus Bond28.01 Bil3.22%4036270.550%2,500No LoadOpen
American Funds Interm Bd Fd of Amer529F2FFOOXShort-Term Bond23.73 Bil3.74%940.350%250No LoadOpen
American Funds Interm Bd Fd of Amer 529FCBOFXShort-Term Bond23.73 Bil3.60%9572700.710%250No LoadOpen
American Funds Interm Bd Fd of Amer F1IBFFXShort-Term Bond23.73 Bil3.42%9886830.660%250No LoadOpen
American Funds Interm Bd Fd of Amer529F3FIFBXShort-Term Bond23.73 Bil3.77%940.310%250No LoadOpen
American Funds Interm Bd Fd of Amer F2IBAFXShort-Term Bond23.73 Bil3.72%9467630.370%250No LoadOpen
Vanguard High-Yield Corporate InvVWEHXHigh Yield Bond23.63 Bil5.78%4944230.230%3,000No LoadOpen
Fidelity Series Bond IndexFIFZXIntermediate Core Bond23.08 Bil3.15%45No LoadOpen
Guggenheim Total Return Bond PGIBLXIntermediate Core-Plus Bond22.96 Bil4.21%56320.750%No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF Bond Index AdvisorTBIAXIntermediate Core Bond22.62 Bil2.86%67690.170%No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF Bond Index RetailTBILXIntermediate Core Bond22.62 Bil2.64%8181770.380%2,500No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF Bond Index PremierTBIPXIntermediate Core Bond22.62 Bil2.81%6972660.220%No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF Bond Index WTBIWXIntermediate Core Bond22.62 Bil3.03%4846No LoadOpen
BlackRock High Yield Bond SvcBHYSXHigh Yield Bond21.81 Bil6.47%3126250.850%5,000No LoadOpen
Western Asset Core Plus Bond FIWACIXIntermediate Core-Plus Bond21.12 Bil3.95%9894610.820%No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett Bond Debenture F3LBNOXMultisector Bond20.74 Bil5.51%82420.500%No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett Bond-Debenture FLBDFXMultisector Bond20.74 Bil5.31%8549150.680%No LoadOpen
Fidelity SAI Total BondFSMTXIntermediate Core-Plus Bond20.49 Bil4.31%15110.300%No LoadOpen
Fidelity Series Long-Term Trs Bd IdxFTLTXLong Government19.87 Bil3.23%3035No LoadOpen
American Funds American High-Inc F1AHTFXHigh Yield Bond19.37 Bil6.47%2118290.730%250No LoadOpen
American Funds American High-Inc 529F1CITFXHigh Yield Bond19.37 Bil6.65%1713190.790%250No LoadOpen
American Funds American High-Inc F2AHIFXHigh Yield Bond19.37 Bil6.77%1512150.430%250No LoadOpen
American Funds American High-Inc 529-F-3FTAHXHigh Yield Bond19.37 Bil6.80%140.380%250No LoadOpen

Taxable Bond Funds - Default List Criteria

This list is limited to US mutual funds that are primarily used by individual or retail investors.

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