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5 Takeaways on the 529 Savings Plan Landscape

Our annual look at 529 industry movements in assets, fees, and more.

Cerulli’s Andrew Blake: What Advisors Need to Succeed in a Competitive Market

An industry watcher reflects on the rapid growth of the independent RIA channel, an impending wave of advisor retirements, and the dramatic uptake of ETFs in client portfolios.

What I Learned Investing My Mom’s IRA

A target-date fund isn’t necessarily an easy answer for a retirement account.

Morningstar’s Top-Ranked 529 Plans

Two high-quality 529 plans stand out from the rest in 2024.

Tips for Navigating the New FAFSA

The revamped financial aid application is still buggy, but don’t delay filling it out.

During Another Meme Stock Rally, Here’s Why I’m Investing Like It’s the Stone Age

Modern personal finance requires an ancient approach.

Keith Lee: ‘Revenues Are a Better Indicator of Size’ Than Stock Market Capitalization

An accomplished small-company investor talks both investing and diversity within the industry.

10 Financial Rules of Thumb You Don’t Have to Follow

Understand your goals so you know which guidelines can (and can’t) help you achieve them.

Key Statistics About Income and Wealth for the U.S. LGBTQ+ Population

Homeownership rates are lower and poverty rates are higher, especially for transgender people and LGBTQ+ people of color.

The Psychology of Retirement Income: From Saving to Spending

Are you lost in the retirement consumption puzzle?

Are You on the Path to Financial Independence?

How to get off the treadmill of always wanting more.

529 State Tax Benefits in 2024

Should you stay in-state or shop around for an out-of-state 529 plan?

Should You Worry About Overfunding Your 529 Plan?

You can now roll over your unused 529 dollars into a Roth IRA, but there are limits.

Jamila Souffrant: ‘What Type of Life Do You Actually Want to Live?’

What to understand before you craft your life and financial goals.

Pros and Cons of Donor-Advised Funds

Donors benefit from an immediate tax deduction, tax-free growth, and investment flexibility.

Is Fixing Social Security and Medicare as Dire as It Seems?

Fifty years after the Employment Retirement Income Security Act, high levels of retirement risk point to the need for solutions.

Your 529 Plan Questions, Answered

We address common questions about 529 plan investment menus, fees, withdrawals, and more.

Do You Need More Than 3 Buckets?

Determining how many retirement buckets are enough.

What to Know About Saving for Retirement and Roth IRA Conversions

These and other financial tips for investors.

Avoid RMD Shortfalls With These 5 Top Rules on Life Expectancy

How to use the right life expectancy table to calculate RMDs for inherited IRAs.

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