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Commodity Funds

Funds that invest in commodities, or raw materials such as oil and wheat, mainly through futures contracts.

Morningstar Category
Fund Size
TTM Yield
Total Return Rank in Category
3 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
5 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
10 Year
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Minimum Initial Investment
Share Class Type
Investment Status
Fidelity SAI Inflation-FocusedFIFGXCommodities Broad Basket2.98 Bil2.37%74540.390%No LoadOpen
ALPS/CorCmdty Mgmt CmpltCmdty Strat InvJCRAXCommodities Broad Basket1.45 Bil2.89%7846401.400%2,500No LoadOpen
DWS Enhanced Commodity Strategy SSKSRXCommodities Broad Basket1.16 Bil1.76%6891290.990%2,500No LoadOpen
Credit Suisse Trust Commodity Return StCCRSXCommodities Broad Basket562.13 Mil26.45%5868761.050%No LoadOpen
Credit Suisse Trust Commodity Return St2CCRRXCommodities Broad Basket562.13 Mil26.63%540.770%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Commodity Strategy InvGCCTXCommodities Broad Basket542.57 Mil4.02%5696980.680%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Commodity Strategy PGGRPXCommodities Broad Basket542.57 Mil4.19%54950.590%No LoadOpen
AQR Risk-Balanced Commodities Strategy NARCNXCommodities Broad Basket371.68 Mil7.51%16231.280%2,500No LoadOpen
Columbia Commodity Strategy AdvCCOMXCommodities Broad Basket230.36 Mil4.30%3332590.860%2,000No LoadOpen
DoubleLine Strategic Commodity NDLCMXCommodities Broad Basket140.21 Mil2.95%42621.280%2,000No LoadOpen
Gold Bullion Strategy InvestorQGLDXCommodities Focused89.86 Mil10.36%6466271.390%1,000No LoadOpen
Fidelity Commodity StrategyFYHTXCommodities Broad Basket44.11 Mil4.09%87940.640%No LoadOpen
TCW Enhanced Commodity Strategy NTGABXCommodities Broad Basket10.85 Mil4.05%6043500.750%2,000No LoadOpen
Rydex Commodities Strategy HRYMBXCommodities Broad Basket4.58 Mil4.76%1358941.630%2,500No LoadOpen

Commodity Funds - Default List Criteria

This list is limited to US mutual funds that are primarily used by individual or retail investors.

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