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Ultrashort Bond Funds

Ultrashort-bond portfolios invest primarily in investment-grade U.S. fixed-income issues and have durations typically of less than one year. This category can include corporate or government ultrashort bond portfolios, but it excludes international, convertible, multisector, and high-yield bond portfolios. Because of their focus on bonds with very short durations, these portfolios offer minimal interest-rate sensitivity and therefore low risk and total return potential. Morningstar calculates monthly breakpoints using the effective duration of the Morningstar Core Bond Index in determining duration assignment. Ultrashort is defined as 25% of the three-year average effective duration of the MCBI.

Morningstar Category
Fund Size
TTM Yield
Total Return Rank in Category
3 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
5 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
10 Year
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Minimum Initial Investment
Share Class Type
Investment Status
Vanguard Ultra-Short-Term Bond InvestorVUBFXUltrashort Bond12.31 Bil4.52%82670.200%$3,000No LoadOpen
Morgan Stanley Instl Ultr-Shrt Inc AMUAIXUltrashort Bond11.14 Bil5.31%20660.400%$1,000No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett Ultra Short Bond F3LUBOXUltrashort Bond9.71 Bil4.84%42480.230%No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett Ultra Short Bond FLUBFXUltrashort Bond9.71 Bil4.70%54690.380%No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett Ultra Short Bond ALUBAXUltrashort Bond9.71 Bil4.65%61710.430%$1,500No LoadOpen
BBH Limited Duration NBBBMXUltrashort Bond7.27 Bil4.43%20770.350%$5,000No LoadOpen
Fidelity Conservative Income BondFCNVXUltrashort Bond6.43 Bil5.18%2234500.250%No LoadOpen
Baird Ultra Short Bond InvestorBUBSXUltrashort Bond6.31 Bil4.77%4947610.400%$2,500No LoadOpen
Fidelity SAI Low Duration IncomeFZOLXUltrashort Bond6.00 Bil4.26%360.200%No LoadOpen
Pioneer Multi-Asset Ultrashort Income AMAFRXUltrashort Bond5.35 Bil5.98%723230.600%$1,000No LoadOpen
Strategic Advisers Short DurationFAUDXUltrashort Bond4.00 Bil4.41%8155450.240%No LoadOpen
Federated Hermes Ultrashort Bond AFULAXUltrashort Bond2.88 Bil3.64%8367650.520%$1,500No LoadOpen
Northern Tax-Advantaged U/S Fxd IncNTAUXUltrashort Bond2.48 Bil2.94%9190870.250%$2,500No LoadOpen
PIMCO Short Asset Investment APAIAXUltrashort Bond2.42 Bil4.85%6484640.700%$1,000No LoadOpen
T. Rowe Price Ultra Short-Term BondTRBUXUltrashort Bond2.23 Bil4.39%5314140.310%$2,500No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Short-Term Cnsrv Inc AGPAPXUltrashort Bond1.95 Bil5.05%38590.480%$1,000No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Short-Term Cnsrv Inc InvGPPOXUltrashort Bond1.95 Bil5.20%27370.330%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Short-Term Cnsrv Inc PGMBPXUltrashort Bond1.95 Bil5.29%20270.240%No LoadOpen
Payden Limited Maturity AdviserPYLBXUltrashort Bond1.93 Bil0.550%$5,000No LoadOpen
Invesco Conservative Income AICIVXUltrashort Bond1.82 Bil4.64%70690.400%$1,000No LoadOpen
Northern Ultra-Short Fixed IncomeNUSFXUltrashort Bond1.63 Bil4.18%7137420.250%$2,500No LoadOpen
Northern Ultra-Short Fixed Inc Sb Wl SkSWSFXUltrashort Bond1.63 Bil4.18%0.250%$2,500No LoadOpen
Fidelity Series Treasury Bill IndexFHQFXUltrashort Bond1.34 Bil5.29%3363No LoadOpen
Allspring Ultra Short-Term Income A2WUSNXUltrashort Bond1.26 Bil3.47%560.410%$1,000No LoadOpen
BlackRock Short Obligations Investor ABASOXUltrashort Bond1.22 Bil4.45%72770.600%$1,000No LoadOpen
Columbia Ultra Short Term Bond ACUSOXUltrashort Bond1.06 Bil3.92%31370.460%$2,000No LoadOpen
Columbia Ultra Short Term Bond AdvCUSHXUltrashort Bond1.06 Bil4.06%21200.310%$2,000No LoadOpen
Federated Hermes Govt Ultrashort AFGUAXUltrashort Bond1.00 Bil5.37%7584890.410%$1,500No LoadOpen
Calvert Ultra-Short Duration Income ACULAXUltrashort Bond729.76 Mil4.75%5270580.720%$1,000No LoadOpen
Six Circles Tax Aware Ult Shr DurCUTAXUltrashort Bond714.83 Mil3.10%92910.150%No LoadOpen
Six Circles Ultra Short DurationCUSDXUltrashort Bond618.86 Mil4.38%65450.190%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Enhanced Income AdminGEADXUltrashort Bond527.64 Mil3.21%8880720.600%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Enhanced Income ServiceGESVXUltrashort Bond525.14 Mil2.98%0.850%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Enhanced Income InvGHIRXUltrashort Bond525.14 Mil3.39%8369630.430%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Enhanced Income AGEIAXUltrashort Bond525.14 Mil3.23%8780730.580%$1,000No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Enhanced Income PGAEPXUltrashort Bond525.14 Mil3.48%79590.340%No LoadOpen
Guggenheim Ultra Short Duration AGIYAXUltrashort Bond500.89 Mil5.10%26420.580%$2,500No LoadOpen
Touchstone Ultra Short Dur F/I ZTSDOXUltrashort Bond477.80 Mil4.39%4853510.650%$2,500No LoadOpen
Touchstone Ultra Short Dur F/I YTSYYXUltrashort Bond477.80 Mil4.64%2825230.400%$2,500No LoadOpen
Angel Oak UltraShort Income AAOUAXUltrashort Bond440.97 Mil4.43%86740.600%$1,000No LoadOpen
Western Asset Ultra-Short Income AARMZXUltrashort Bond439.44 Mil3.50%5944120.650%$1,000No LoadOpen
UBS Ultra Short Income PUSIPXUltrashort Bond400.41 Mil5.15%66760.250%$1,000No LoadOpen
UBS Ultra Short Income AUSIAXUltrashort Bond400.41 Mil5.04%72830.350%$1,000No LoadOpen
Fidelity Flex Conservative Income BdFJTDXUltrashort Bond392.58 Mil5.36%1518No LoadOpen
Morgan Stanley Pathway Ultra-S/T F/ITSDUXUltrashort Bond324.87 Mil2.72%38340.520%$1,000No LoadOpen
Medlst Shrt Dur InvSEMRXUltrashort Bond308.07 Mil6.14%123590.860%$2,500No LoadOpen
Victory Ultra Short-Term Bond Class AUSBAXUltrashort Bond302.49 Mil4.73%710.920%$2,500No LoadOpen
Victory Ultra Short-Term BondUUSTXUltrashort Bond302.49 Mil5.02%4610150.650%$3,000No LoadOpen
Virtus Seix US Govt Secs Ultr-Shrt Bd ASSAGXUltrashort Bond276.88 Mil4.42%88900.650%$2,500No LoadOpen
PIA Short Term Securities AdvPIASXUltrashort Bond144.32 Mil3.97%8683710.390%$1,000No LoadOpen

Ultrashort Bond Funds - Default List Criteria

This list is limited to US mutual funds that are primarily used by individual or retail investors.

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