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Foreign Large Blend Funds

Foreign large-blend portfolios invest in a variety of big international stocks. Most of these portfolios divide their assets among a dozen or more developed markets, including Japan, Britain, France, and Germany. These portfolios primarily invest in stocks that have market caps in the top 70% of each economically integrated market (such as Europe or Asia ex-Japan). The blend style is assigned to portfolios where neither growth nor value characteristics predominate. These portfolios typically will have less than 20% of assets invested in U.S. stocks.

Morningstar Category
Fund Size
TTM Yield
Total Return Rank in Category
3 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
5 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
10 Year
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Minimum Initial Investment
Share Class Type
Investment Status
Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index InvVGTSXForeign Large Blend424.75 Bil3.20%7064570.180%No LoadLimited
Vanguard Developed Markets Index InvVDVIXForeign Large Blend191.36 Bil3.17%4237330.160%No LoadLimited
Fidelity International IndexFSPSXForeign Large Blend50.02 Bil2.64%2027310.035%No LoadOpen
Strategic Advisers Fidelity IntlFUSIXForeign Large Blend33.27 Bil2.27%3311120.540%No LoadOpen
Artisan International Value InvestorARTKXForeign Large Blend33.11 Bil0.96%2141.260%$1,000No LoadLimited
TIAA-CREF International Eq Idx WTCIWXForeign Large Blend23.72 Bil3.01%2029No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF International Eq Idx AdvisorTCIHXForeign Large Blend23.72 Bil2.80%22340.190%No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF International Eq Idx PremierTRIPXForeign Large Blend23.72 Bil2.82%2738430.200%No LoadOpen
T. Rowe Price Overseas StockTROSXForeign Large Blend23.25 Bil2.18%5240360.780%$2,500No LoadOpen
T. Rowe Price Overseas Stock AdvisorPAEIXForeign Large Blend23.25 Bil1.84%58491.070%$2,500No LoadOpen
Strategic Advisers InternationalFILFXForeign Large Blend20.18 Bil2.31%4715170.500%No LoadOpen
Bridge Builder International EquityBBIEXForeign Large Blend17.36 Bil2.34%61410.360%No LoadOpen
American Funds Intl Gr and Inc 529F1CGIFXForeign Large Blend14.86 Bil5240640.990%$250No LoadOpen
American Funds Intl Gr and Inc529-F-2FGGGXForeign Large Blend14.86 Bil510.640%$250No LoadOpen
American Funds Intl Gr and Inc529-F-3FGIGXForeign Large Blend14.86 Bil500.600%$250No LoadOpen
American Funds Intl Gr and Inc F2IGFFXForeign Large Blend14.86 Bil2.54%5039590.650%$250No LoadOpen
American Funds Intl Gr and Inc F1IGIFXForeign Large Blend14.86 Bil2.27%5749720.940%$250No LoadOpen
Fidelity Total International IndexFTIHXForeign Large Blend12.44 Bil2.67%72650.060%No LoadOpen
Fidelity Global ex US IndexFSGGXForeign Large Blend9.96 Bil2.82%6767640.055%No LoadOpen
iShares MSCI EAFE Intl Idx Inv AMDIIXForeign Large Blend9.61 Bil2.78%2738530.340%$1,000No LoadOpen
Schwab International IndexSWISXForeign Large Blend9.18 Bil3.13%2534410.060%No LoadOpen
AB International Strat Eqs AdvSTEYXForeign Large Blend7.71 Bil2.76%37660.710%$10,000No LoadClosed
Bernstein International Strat Eqs SCBSTESXForeign Large Blend7.71 Bil2.55%44720.960%$10,000No LoadClosed
Fidelity SAI Intl Low Volatil IdxFSKLXForeign Large Blend7.46 Bil2.25%48930.170%No LoadOpen
Fidelity SAI International IndexFIONXForeign Large Blend6.92 Bil2.06%21290.035%No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF International Eq PremierTREPXForeign Large Blend6.88 Bil2.32%4418680.610%No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF International Eq WTIEWXForeign Large Blend6.88 Bil2.87%3111No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF International Eq RetailTIERXForeign Large Blend6.88 Bil3.83%4823750.810%$2,500No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF International Eq AdvisorTIEHXForeign Large Blend6.88 Bil2.31%43180.560%No LoadOpen
Hartford Schroders International Stk ISCIEXForeign Large Blend5.82 Bil1.21%67870.790%$2,000No LoadOpen
FMI International InvestorFMIJXForeign Large Blend4.78 Bil32560.940%$2,500No LoadOpen
Northern International Equity IndexNOINXForeign Large Blend4.73 Bil3.18%2334430.100%$2,500No LoadOpen
Fidelity ZERO International IndexFZILXForeign Large Blend4.09 Bil2.84%6358No LoadOpen
Lazard International Strategic Eq OpenLISOXForeign Large Blend3.88 Bil1.12%8583761.070%$2,500No LoadOpen
Mercer Non-US Core Equity Y3MNCEXForeign Large Blend3.71 Bil3.35%221090.380%No LoadOpen
Russell Inv Tax-Managed Intl Eq MRTIUXForeign Large Blend3.57 Bil1.85%85880.940%No LoadOpen
Russell Inv Tax-Managed Intl Eq SRTNSXForeign Large Blend3.57 Bil1.76%87901.040%No LoadOpen
Harbor International InvestorHIINXForeign Large Blend3.43 Bil3.02%5135901.130%$2,500No LoadOpen
Harbor International AdministrativeHRINXForeign Large Blend3.43 Bil3.02%5129891.020%$50,000No LoadOpen
Janus Henderson Overseas SJIGRXForeign Large Blend3.22 Bil0.97%134751.290%$2,500No LoadOpen
Janus Henderson Overseas TJAOSXForeign Large Blend3.22 Bil1.20%102611.040%$2,500No LoadOpen
Janus Henderson Overseas DJNOSXForeign Large Blend3.22 Bil1.28%93610.940%$2,500No LoadLimited
Victory InternationalUSIFXForeign Large Blend2.52 Bil1.77%2950271.020%$3,000No LoadOpen
Fidelity Flex International IndexFITFXForeign Large Blend2.18 Bil2.55%6766No LoadOpen
Empower International Index InvMXINXForeign Large Blend1.88 Bil2.14%3749640.650%No LoadOpen
iShares MSCI Total Intl Idx Inv ABDOAXForeign Large Blend1.82 Bil2.51%7980780.410%$1,000No LoadOpen
VALIC Company I International Eqs IdxVCIEXForeign Large Blend1.81 Bil2.36%3246580.430%No LoadOpen
Vanguard International Core Stock InvVWICXForeign Large Blend1.66 Bil1.98%110.480%$3,000No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Intl Eq Insghts PGGFPXForeign Large Blend1.65 Bil2.60%9190.810%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Intl Eq Insghts SGCISXForeign Large Blend1.65 Bil2.20%1435191.320%No LoadOpen

Foreign Large Blend Funds - Default List Criteria

This list is limited to US mutual funds that are primarily used by individual or retail investors.

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