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Foreign Small/Mid Blend Funds

Foreign small/mid-blend portfolios invest in a variety of international stocks that are smaller. These portfolios primarily invest in stocks that fall in the bottom 30% of each economically integrated market (such as Europe or Asia ex-Japan). The blend style is assigned to portfolios where neither growth nor value characteristics predominate. These portfolios typically will have less than 20% of assets invested in U.S. stocks.

Morningstar Category
Fund Size
TTM Yield
Total Return Rank in Category
3 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
5 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
10 Year
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Minimum Initial Investment
Share Class Type
Investment Status
Fidelity International Small CapFISMXForeign Small/Mid Blend4.34 Bil1.89%111321.160%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Intl Sm Cp Insghts InvGIRLXForeign Small/Mid Blend3.60 Bil2.93%2250290.990%No LoadOpen
Goldman Sachs Intl Sm Cp Insghts PGGDPXForeign Small/Mid Blend3.60 Bil3.05%19450.860%No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF Quant Intl Sm-Cp Eq PremierTPISXForeign Small/Mid Blend1.24 Bil2.83%26620.900%No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF Quant Intl Sm-Cp Eq RetailTLISXForeign Small/Mid Blend1.24 Bil2.65%33651.100%2,500No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF Quant Intl Sm-Cp Eq WTAIWXForeign Small/Mid Blend1.24 Bil3.74%1544No LoadOpen
TIAA-CREF Quant Intl Sm-Cp Eq AdvisorTAISXForeign Small/Mid Blend1.24 Bil2.99%23570.800%No LoadOpen
AB International Small Cap AdvIRCYXForeign Small/Mid Blend1.06 Bil3.03%49781.090%5,000No LoadOpen
Bernstein International Small Cap SCBIRCSXForeign Small/Mid Blend1.06 Bil2.77%53801.340%5,000No LoadOpen
Fidelity SAI International Sm Cp IdxFSISXForeign Small/Mid Blend712.03 Mil3.21%0.100%No LoadOpen
JHancock International Small Company NAVJHATXForeign Small/Mid Blend549.48 Mil2.89%3649470.920%No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett International Opps F3LOIEXForeign Small/Mid Blend326.49 Mil1.73%44460.930%No LoadOpen
Lord Abbett International Opp FLINFXForeign Small/Mid Blend326.49 Mil1.63%5053511.110%No LoadOpen
Voya Multi-Manager International Sm Cp WISCWXForeign Small/Mid Blend270.45 Mil1.49%2110131.280%1,000No LoadOpen
Pear Tree Polaris Intl Opps OrdQISOXForeign Small/Mid Blend88.19 Mil0.98%44311.500%2,500No LoadOpen
WCM Focused International Opps InvWCFOXForeign Small/Mid Blend39.30 Mil0.24%1.500%1,000No LoadOpen
Vaughan Nelson International Sm Cap InvADVJXForeign Small/Mid Blend25.52 Mil1.40%1001.240%2,500No LoadOpen
Fidelity Series Select Intl Sm CpFSSJXForeign Small/Mid Blend1.24 Mil3.57%0.010%No LoadOpen

Foreign Small/Mid Blend Funds - Default List Criteria

This list is limited to US mutual funds that are primarily used by individual or retail investors.

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