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Weekly Wrap: Women in Investing and Coronavirus Coverage

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's Picks Special Report: Women and Investing We take a look at the challenges women face as investors and as members of the corporate world--and celebrate their victories. 4 Funds That Provide Shelter From the Storm Russ Kinnel shares some ideas that provide a sense of calm. Coronavirus Opportunity and Risk: Healthcare and Consumer Stocks Our analysts discuss where they see value in their sectors today. Did Mutual Funds Perform as Expected During the Mini-Crash? For the most part, yes. The Market's Crazy. Get Excited! Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the ride.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz Risk, Not Volatility, Is the Real Enemy Grant us investors the wisdom to know the difference. 75 Must-Know Statistics About Women and Retirement Lower lifetime earnings and longer life expectancies paint a troubling picture about the state of women's retirement preparedness. 5 Steps Women Can Take to Improve Their Retirement Readiness The data are sobering about women's retirement preparedness, but being pre-emptive can help stave off a shortfall. More Portfolio Lessons From Target-Date Funds These all-in-one funds offer not only simplicity, but also valuable insights for DIY investors. 4 Ways to Turn a Down Market to Your Advantage Christine Benz offers some practical things that investors can do in this market uncertainty.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds Why Haven't Retirement-Income Funds Caught On? Is Vanguard Managed Payout's makeover the end of an era? One Expense Ratio to Rule Them All What is the adjusted expense ratio, and why should you care? Did Low-Volatility Funds Live Up to Their Names Last Week? Alex Bryan discusses two picks for investors that should hold up over the long term. A Promising Value and Momentum Small-Cap Strategy This fund has a good chance to beat the broad U.S. small-cap market over the long term. 3 Strong Choices Among Core Bond Funds For core bond investors, these funds track the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index. 12 Standout Funds Managed by Women These highly rated mutual funds make good portfolio building blocks. Maximize Aftertax Returns With ETFs A closer look at the sources of ETFs' tax efficiency.

Stocks Our Ultimate Stock-Pickers' Top 10 Buys and Sells Managers continue to buy wide-moat stocks. Coronavirus Opportunity and Risk: Healthcare and Consumer Stocks Our analysts discuss where they see value in their sectors today. Coronavirus, the Fed, and the Steady 2020 That Wasn't Regardless of the ultimate effect of the coronavirus on the economy, lower rates today will be a negative for bank profits. 2 Stocks With Burly Dividends Here's a look at Interpublic Group and Clorox, which were recently added to the Morningstar Dividend Yield Focus Index. 10 Undervalued Companies That Empower Women These bargain stocks have demonstrated their commitment to gender equality. Moderate Outlook for U.S. Drug Pricing Policy Changes Biden's nomination would reduce the likelihood of significant drug pricing policy changes, which is in line with our expectations. Virus Outbreak Drives Uber and Lyft Growth Lower But the shares are still worth picking up. Workiva Leads the Business Reporting Market With few competitors and a strong base, Workiva looks set to prosper. New Bank Projections for Rate Cuts and Coronavirus We expect an additional rate cut at the Fed's March meeting, and we are starting to see value emerge within traditional banking.

The Long View Nicole Boyson: How to Spot Financial Advisor Conflicts of Interest An academic's take on financial advisor conflicts that can leave investors saddled with costly, underperforming funds. We also touch on hedge fund activism, financial contagion, and female portfolio managers. Advisor Insights Practice Wise: Market Turmoil Is an Opportunity ... to Assess Your Own Practice Advisors can use market stress as a time to revisit client risk capacity and client communications. Sustainability Matters U.S. Sustainable Funds Weathering Coronavirus Correction Better Than Most Funds Jon Hale analyzes how ESG funds are holding up. Q&A: ESG Builds a Sustainable Business According to Aurelio Bustilho, the CFO of Enel Americas, focusing on ESG helps the company avoid risks and stay competitive.

The Short Answer Against Animal Testing? Check Out These Funds Nuanced exclusion criteria mean funds that seek to avoid animal testing can differ widely from each other and from market benchmarks.

Commentary Women in Investing: Morningstar's View Morningstar has combed its databases and analyzed the numbers. Here's where women stand in the industry today. Correlations Going to 1: Amid Market Collapse, U.S. Stock Fund Factors Show Little Differentiation We don't see connections between portfolio characteristics and returns when looking through the lens of our Factor Profile data. Gender and Diversity a Larger Factor in Corporate Boards Corporate boards are paying more attention to diversity, but the percentage of female fund managers continues to stall.

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