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Coronavirus Economic Impact on Industries and Markets: The Latest

Our perspective on what's driving the market and what investors should know.

We evaluate the latest movements in the market and offer you a way to navigate it based on the topics that are driving the changes. We’ll share our perspectives and ways for you to action (or not). Come back for frequent updates.

How to Protect Your Financial Well-Being Your Market Downturn Tool Kit Knocking off these investment jobs will keep you focused on the big picture. The Importance of Staying Invested in Volatile Times Don't flee the market in a panic, but rather embrace the turmoil as an investment opportunity--you'll be better off in the long run. When Standing Pat Doesn't Sit Well A hands-off policy for your portfolio amid market volatility is usually the best advice, but there are exceptions to that rule. It's Tough to Tune Out, but It Might Be Best Suffering through losses is far more taxing than any picture or thousands of words can capture. Why You Probably Don't Want to Mess With Your Target-Date Fund It's fine to feel a little freaked out. But avoid changing up your retirement plan investments in haste, without forethought. Our Responsibility to Help Manage the Impact of the Coronavirus We don't just owe it to ourselves to stay calm as we weather the storm. We owe it to one another. Coronavirus and the Market: Our Take We offer three takeaways and advice on staying true to your goals. Emotional Investing: What It Costs, and What to Do About It Our research shows that selling investments during downturns have costly implications. Why You Should Evaluate Your Anxiety During Market Volatility Sarah Newcomb explains why fear looks for threats while excitement looks for opportunities. Volatility Is Here to Stay. Here's What to Do. Christine Benz explains what investors should do amid market turbulence. Our Perspective on Market Performance Market, Economic Implications Amid Latest Virus News Karen Andersen and Preston Caldwell give us their latest perspectives on healthcare and energy. How Mutual Funds Look After the Coronavirus Meltdown Don't touch your face or your portfolio. Morningstar Talks Market Turmoil We discuss investor impact and taking a long view during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Morningstar's View: The Impact of Coronavirus on the Economy The hit to 2020 should be significant, but we see minimal long-term economic impact, and the treatment pipeline is progressing. Putting the Stock Market Wipeout Into Perspective Clients can be reminded where the market has been, not get caught up in the market headlines, and stay focused on their goals. The Coronavirus Column Global governments have no choice but to risk a recession. The Coronavirus Column, Part 2 Expect more stock market volatility in the coming weeks (and maybe months). Stock Funds With the Best and Worst Down Capture During the Sell-Off Hefty cash positions helped some value managers protect against the downdraft. What ETFs Have Shown Us in Volatile Times Watch Ben Johnson explain how ETFs might behave and affect the broader market in a serious market downdraft. Fund Ranking Flip-Flops The market turmoil has some funds seeing big moves in category ranks. How Have Liquid Alternatives Fared in the Sell-Off? Their sensitivity to equity markets tells much of the story. Where To Go for Income in a Low-Yield World If you're on the hunt for yield, be sure to mind the downside.

Retirement Preparedness

Can You Still Retire Soon? A volatile market could have you rethinking some long-held retirement plans, especially if you're close to your target date. Before you make any moves, take these steps to check your plan and/or put it back on track. A Down-Market Survival Guide for Preretirees If you're within 10 years of retirement, this eight-step review can help you improve your situation--and your peace of mind. A Down-Market Survival Guide for Retirees These six steps can help you take back control in uncertain times.

Coronavirus Impact on Industries and Sectors

Restaurants What Closures Mean for Restaurant Industry Investors should watch for names with value, technology, healthy balance sheets. Finance Fed Takes Measures to Offer Support Amid Coronavirus With rates cut to zero, investors should be seriously watching and considering bank stocks as this plays out.

Utilities Buying Opportunity Amid Long-Awaited Utilities Sell-Off The sector is 7% undervalued based on Morningstar's fair value estimates.

Auto Manufacturers Coronavirus Not Yet Hurting U.S. Autos, Bad News Likely There is little data to gauge the coronavirus impact on the industry, so we are not changing our forecast at this time. Tech, Telecom and Financial A Leading Chipmaker Despite Virus Concerns Microchip remains our top pick. Coronavirus Opportunity and Risk: Tech, Telecom, and Financials Stocks Our analysts discuss where they see value in their sectors today. Focus on Wide-Moat Firms Throughout Software Carnage We now see an opportunity for investors to trade up into seven high-quality stocks. Buying Opportunity in Pockets of Semiconductor Space Multiple names reaching or approaching 4-star territory. Oil Updating Our U.S. E&P Fair Value Estimates We are taking into account the depressed oil price environment and expectations for companies to continue to slash guidance for 2020 development capital expenditure. We See Tremendous Long-Term Opportunity in Oil Sands Cenovus Energy remains our top pick among the subsector. What the Russia-Saudi Arabia Impasse Means for Oil Markets The near-term outlook for energy companies is bleak and likely to affect our valuations. Lower Oilfield Services Fair Values Four companies look extremely cheap even after the fair value reduction, trading an average 70% below our fair value estimate. Travel Services Cruise Lines Pare Back Spending, Tap Excess Liquidity Shares of Carnival, Royal and Norwegian are undervalued and could remain depressed until the coronavirus passes. We Still See Value in Casino Operators After Cutting Outlook Barring an extended and severe global coronavirus outbreak, we see the shares of Wynn, MGM, and Las Vegas Sands offering attractive long-term value. Despite European Ban, Value in These Travel Stocks With travel between U.S. and Europe a small percentage of global traffic, we are maintaining our fair value estimates for Expedia, Wyndham, and Sabre. Healthcare and Consumer Coronavirus Opportunity and Risk: Healthcare and Consumer Stocks Here's what our healthcare and consumer specialists had to say about value in these sectors. Communication Services Coronavirus' Economic Impact Will Hurt Ad Holding Firms We have lowered our fair value estimates of ad holding companies. Industrials, Energy and Basic Materials Coronavirus Opportunity and Risk: Industrials, Energy, and Basic Materials Our analysts discuss where they see value in their sectors today.

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