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Weekly Wrap: Turbulence and Taxes

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's Picks Morningstar's 2020 Tax and IRA Guide Strategies and investment ideas for lessening the tax bite.

Volatility Is Here to Stay. Here's What to Do. Christine Benz explains what investors should do amid market turbulence.

What Experts Say Coronavirus Means for Investors Strategists from Vanguard, BlackRock, Schwab, and other firms weigh in.

4 Mutual Fund Ideas for IRAs Russ Kinnel offers a range of suggestions for those looking for a new holding.

The Cons (and Pros) of Vanguard's Decision to Offer Private Equity The timing is suspect, but the concept may eventually make sense.

Tax and IRA Guide IRA Tips for Later in Life Christine Benz discusses how the SECURE Act affects required minimum distributions.

IRA Procrastinators, Start Here Christine Benz has some tips for those trying to squeeze in a contribution for the 2019 tax year.

How to Identify the Best Investments for Your IRA No matter your life stage or financial goals, identify the right investments for the job.

3 Fund Picks for an IRA There's still time to make contributions to an IRA for the 2019 tax year. Christine Benz shares some investment ideas to consider before tax day.

4 Bond Fund Ideas to Flesh Out Your IRA Karin Anderson discusses some choices from the core and core-plus intermediate-term bond category.

3 Stock Picks for Your IRA We discuss what makes these stocks appealing right now.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz Your Market Downturn Tool Kit Knocking off these investment jobs will keep you focused on the big picture.

A Down-Market Survival Guide for Retirees These six steps can help you take back control in uncertain times.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds 3 ESG Fixed-Income Funds to Keep an Eye On Here are some interesting strategies from the latest Morningstar Prospects report.

Making the Franklin Mega-Merger Work for Fund Investors Let's make a fund deal.

Rating Dividend-Income Funds Use caution when chasing yield.

An Excellent Choice for Broad Exposure to Healthcare Gold-rated Vanguard Health Care benefits from an experienced manager.

Selecting a Suitable Large-Growth Fund There are several things to consider first.

A Look at the Mushrooming Menu of Thematic Funds Thematic funds have captured investors' imagination and their assets, but buyers should beware.

3 Newly Rated Standouts These diverse funds have earned their first Morningstar Analyst Ratings.

Stocks Brighter Lithium Outlook Boosts Our Valuations All three lithium producers we cover are undervalued.

New 5-Star Stocks These names are all significantly undervalued by our standards after this week's market rout.

Moats, Motors, and Markets in 2020 Our analysts offer their annual global auto overview, forecast, and actionable ideas.

Will a Bigger Wesco Be Better? This firm's shares are currently undervalued pending its acquisition of Anixter. We suggest buying in before the market realizes the potential of this combined entity.

4 High-Quality, High-Yielding Stocks We expect these high yielders to sustain their dividends in the future. Plus, they're cheap.

Market Overstates Coronavirus Impact on Energy Stocks Oilfield services stocks appear to be the most undervalued.

Antitrust Risk on the Rise for Facebook and Alphabet Fines and new regulations are likely for both firms, but the political upheaval in an election year puts Facebook more in peril.

Fortune Doesn't Always Favor the Bold Discretion can be the better part of valor.

The Long View Sallie Krawcheck: 'Companies Should Do Better' The Ellevest founder discusses how advisors fail their female clients, the lack of gender diversity in financial services, and why firms should be working to close the gender pay gap.

The Short Answer What Is an HSA? All you need to know about this popular account used to cover healthcare expenses.

Commentary Keep an Eye on Proposed Financial Transaction Tax A financial transaction tax would impact investors in a couple of ways as the market reacts to the tax.

What's Driving U.S. Stock Fund Returns? Style, size, and momentum were the primary factors behind these funds' returns for the past three calendar years.

ESG Proxy Resolutions Find More Support in 2019 But large fund companies often block their path.

Most Requested Stock Quotes Apple Microsoft Exxon Mobil Disney Pfizer

Most Requested Fund Quotes Vanguard 500 Index Vanguard Dividend Growth T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fidelity 500 Index Vanguard Total Stock Market Index

Most Requested ETF Quotes SPDR S&P 500 ETF Vanguard S&P 500 ETF Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF Invesco QQQ Trust Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF

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