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  • Romir Agarwal

    Romir Agarwal is an associate product manager, analytics lab, for Morningstar.

  • Joshua Aguilar

    Joshua Aguilar is the director of resources equity research for Morningstar.

  • Nour Al Twal

    Nour Al Twal is an Associate Manager Research Analyst for Morningstar Research Services LLC.

  • Bella Albrecht

    Bella Albrecht is an associate data journalist for Morningstar.

  • Eden Alemayehu

    Eden Alemayehu is an associate equity analyst for Morningstar.

  • Amrutha Alladi

    Amrutha Alladi is a quantitative analyst for Morningstar.

  • Gabe Alpert

    Gabriel Alpert is a fund reporter for

  • Karen Andersen, CFA

    Karen Andersen, CFA, is a strategist for Morningstar.

  • Liz Angeles

    Liz Angeles is a member of the Morningstar Development Program as a financial product specialist who served a previous assignment with Editorial.

  • Diana Anghel

    Diana Anghel is a member of the Morningstar Development Program and is on assignment with the Editorial department.

  • Denise Appleby

    Denise Appleby is CEO of Appleby Retirement Consulting Inc., a firm that provides consulting on the tax laws and operational requirements that apply to IRAs and employer plan accounts.

  • Bryan Armour

    Bryan Armour is director of passive strategies research for North America and editor of Morningstar ETFInvestor newsletter at Morningstar. Email Bryan at

  • Amy C. Arnott, CFA

    Amy C. Arnott, CFA is a portfolio strategist for Morningstar Research Services LLC.

  • Sanjay Arya

    Sanjay Arya, CFA, is head of Investible Products, Morningstar Indexes.

  • Sabeeh Ashhar

    Sabeeh Ashhar is director of quantitative research for Morningstar.

  • Adrian Atkins

    Adrian Atkins is a senior equity analyst for Morningstar.

  • Dan Baker

    Dan Baker is a senior equity analyst for Morningstar.

  • Jack Barry

    Jack Barry is a product owner for Morningstar Data Products.

  • Valerio Baselli

    Valerio Baselli is an investment specialist, Morningstar EMEA.

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