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Weekly Wrap: Letter From Our CEO and How Congress Can Curtail the Economic Crisis

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor’s note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

Editor's Picks The Importance of Staying Invested in Volatile Times Don't flee the market in a panic, but rather embrace the turmoil as an investment opportunity--you'll be better off in the long run. A Letter from Morningstar Inc.'s CEO Morningstar's mission is to empower investor success, and we are committed to weathering this storm with all investors. 5 More Stocks We Like As our analysts re-evaluate the companies they cover, they're finding some exceptional bargains along the way. Has the Bear Market Been a Bonanza for Active Funds? Nope. What types of funds fared better or worse? Market, Economic Implications Amid Latest Virus News Karen Andersen and Preston Caldwell give us their latest perspectives on healthcare and energy. Congress to the Rescue? Yes, really. A fiscal stimulus could significantly help Americans manage the current economic crisis.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz When Standing Pat Doesn't Sit Well A hands-off policy for your portfolio amid market volatility is usually the best advice, but there are exceptions to that rule. Buckets Can Help You Stay Organized During Volatility For near- and long-term goals and at any stage of life, Buckets help you keep your eyes on the prize.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds How Mutual Funds Look After the Coronavirus Meltdown Don't touch your face or your portfolio. Funds With the Best People Only a small number of managers have earned our highest rating. 3 Funds Favoring Wide-Moat Stocks Get the details from our manager research team. Active U.S. Stock Funds Have Done Better Lately, But Many Have Still Fallen Short We examine the effects of the bear market. These International Stalwarts Are Better Than They Look Right Now Stylistic headwinds as well as stock selection have hurt Harding Loevner International Equity and Oakmark International. Why Skepticism Is Important With Thematic Funds Ben Johnson says that though they are growing in number and in assets, it's buyer beware on thematic funds. How the Mighty Have Fallen A look at how the industry's largest active equity mutual funds have fared in the coronavirus bear market. Manager Changes That Show It's Time for a Fresh Look Russ Kinnel shares which funds caught our eye because of a change in leadership. Why and How to Index in U.S. Large Caps Broad diversification and low fees make indexing a good bet in this competitive arena. Navigating ETF Discounts and Premiums During Turbulent Times Recent market volatility has led to extraordinary dislocations in ETF prices. Are Municipal Bonds Always a Safe Haven? This market hasn't been immune to trouble stemming from the coronavirus-related volatility. Oakmark Slumps, but Potential Remains There are plenty of reasons to stay the course with this struggling fund. Market Turmoil Hammers Dodge & Cox Stock The coronavirus and the steep drop in oil prices were an unexpected double whammy for this Gold-rated fund.

Stocks Fed Takes Measures to Offer Support Amid Coronavirus With rates cut to zero, investors should be seriously watching and considering bank stocks as this plays out. What Closures Mean for Restaurant Industry Investors should watch for names with value, technology, healthy balance sheets. 28 Great Stocks at Great Prices These exceptional businesses are on sale. The Buckets Are Working Bucket 2 has sprung a small leak recently, but cash holdings are proving their mettle. New 5-Star Stocks These names are all significantly undervalued by our standards after the market rout.

5 Stocks We Like These names look oversold to us. Undervalued Dividend Payers From Our Ultimate Stock Pickers These stocks are among the top holdings of some of our favorite investment managers. Slumping CVS Is Still a Major Player Risks remain, but investors should consider the heavily discounted shares of this top healthcare pick. 16 Solid Stocks During Rocky Times This shortlist of high-quality companies with predictable cash flows and modest leverage are well-equipped for today's market uncertainty. What Toll Has Been Taken on Telecoms? Our thoughts for today, tomorrow, and the long term.

Rekenthaler Report Was There Any Escape? Little indeed: When the going got tough, diversification did not get going. When Will Stocks Recover? The four stages of (most) bear markets.

Advisor Insights Practice Wise: Using the Turmoil to Your Clients' Advantage--Tax-Loss Harvesting The market has created tax-saving opportunities for clients. How to Help Clients Manage Herding Behavior Through Coronavirus Volatility With investors in fight-or-flight mode, here's how to make sure it doesn't affect their finances.

The Long View Chuck Bath: The Evolution of a Value Investor The noted Diamond Hill manager discusses the shorter durations of competitive advantages, how low inflation has curbed firms' pricing power, and what he considers to be the market's "sweet spot."

Sustainability Matters Sustainable Equity Funds Are Outperforming in Bear Market While ESG equity funds have taken big hits this month, their losses have been less severe than those of conventional peers. The ESG Fund Universe Is Rapidly Expanding Record flows, strong performance, and other takeaways from the 2019 Sustainable Funds U.S. Landscape Report.

Commentary Market, Economic Implications Amid Latest Virus News Karen Andersen and Preston Caldwell give us their latest perspectives on healthcare and energy. 3 Charts That Show Why Investors Should Stay the Course Throughout Market Turmoil What we've learned about sticking out bear markets, avoiding short-term losses, and not trying to time the market. A Primer on Annuities Contributor Mark Miller walks through the various products and features and discusses for whom they're best suited. Investors Didn't Flee All Equity Funds Last Month Investors left U.S. equity funds last month and turned to bond and money market funds instead. A New SEC Proposal Would Open the Door for More Leveraged ETFs We still think they are a uniquely confusing and unsuitable investment for most investors. Even Safe-Haven Assets are Feeling the Pressure Why aren't U.S. Treasury bonds and precious metals providing the refuge they usually do? Before You Sell Anything in Your 401(k), Read This We think stocks will eventually recover from this downturn, and investors shouldn't wait on the sidelines until they do.

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