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Fed Brief

  • 09-19-2017 12:02:01 PM ET

    Wednesday's policy announcement from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is the key event of the week, as it could shape a whole new way of thinking about monetary policy management on the other side of the financial crisis.FOMC Policy Decis...

Bond Market Update

  • The Market at 15:13 ET

    10-Year: +3/32…2.236…EUR/USD: 1.2002USD/JPY: 111.33

    Treasury Market Stands Its Ground

    • -- September FOMC Rate Decision at 14:00 ET
    • -- Weekly MBA Mortgage Index -- actual: -9.7%; prior: 9.9%
    • -- August Existing Home Sales ( consensus: 5.42 mln; prior: 5.44 mln) at 10:00 ET
    • -- Weekly Crude Inventories (prior: 4.6 mln) at 10:30 ET

The Bond Column

  • 09-13-2017 16:53:08 PM ET

    The Week in Review/Week Ahead

    Ittook just about three weeks for the yield on the 10-yr note to drop 20 basis points to 2.07% on September 5.  It has now taken just five trading sessions for the yield on the 10-yr note to i...

Treasury Yield