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Weekly Wrap: The Stock Picks of Top Managers, Where the Dividends Are, and 2021 in Review

And the one portfolio move you probably need to make.

Stock Picks of Top Managers

Stock ideas can come from a lot of different places. One place I like to look for them: among the portfolios of some of Morningstar's favorite stock-pickers. In fact, Morningstar tracks the portfolios of 26 highly regarded investment managers--whom we dub Our Ultimate Stock-Pickers--and shares the top holdings, buys, and sells of these investors each quarter. We published our latest installment this week.

What did we find? Last quarter, 12 of our Ultimate Stock-Pickers bought shares of Alphabet GOOG, while 10 picked up Meta Platforms (or the company formerly known as Facebook) FB. And six managers picked up shares of Mastercard MA, UnitedHealth Group UNH, Bank of America BAC, and Nike NKE.

Of those names, we think Meta Platforms is the most attractive today. It earns a wide Morningstar Economic Moat Rating and trades about 20% below our $404 fair value estimate as of this writing. "As users of Facebook and Instagram continue to grow, admittedly at decelerating rates, we expect advertisers will keep coming," says senior analyst Ali Mogharabi. "We also expect e-commerce to drive further top-line growth."

What stocks did our Ultimate Stock-Pickers trim? You'll have to read the article to find out.

The One Portfolio Move You Probably Need to Make

Add bitcoin? Short Tesla TSLA? Buy Ark Innovation ETF ARKK? None of the above. The one move you probably need to make is to rebalance your portfolio. And here's why.

My colleague, portfolio strategist Amy Arnott, ran the numbers and found that a standard 60% stock/40% bond portfolio that hasn't been rebalanced in five years is more like a 72.5% stock/27.5% bond portfolio today. But rebalancing isn't just a task for those who own bonds. Arnott also discovered that an untouched portfolio's international to U.S. stock balance is off-kilter, as are its growth and value exposures.

Arnott reminds us that rebalancing is mostly about risk control, not necessarily improving returns, given that market trends can persist for quite a while. But trends don't last forever--they revert to the mean eventually. "One of the virtues of rebalancing is to avoid getting caught flat-footed when market trends eventually reverse course," she concludes.

So, take the time to readjust your asset mix and subasset mixes either before year's end or shortly into the new year. And if you find yourself in need of some additional fixed-income or international-stock exposure, my Our Picks column this week highlights some fine core bond and international-stock funds and exchange-traded funds to consider.

Where the Dividends Are

This week, we launched a new video series called "Dividend-Stock Deep Dive." Morningstar DividendInvestor editor David Harrell talks with our analysts about dividend opportunities in particular industries, examines the dividend safety of popular stocks, or discusses some of the top undervalued dividend stocks today.

In our inaugural segment, Harrell sits down with Damien Conover, the longtime leader of Morningstar's healthcare research team, to talk about why drugmakers have experienced stunningly consistent dividend growth, whether that growth can persist, and which companies are best positioned to continue to throw off attractive income. One of Conover's top picks in the industry for dividend-seekers is Roche. Listen in on the conversation for more picks and insights.

Stock of the Week: Intel

Intel INTC, the world's largest chipmaker announced plans to publicly list Mobileye, its automotive unit, in 2022. Some reports suggest that Mobileye could fetch as much as $50 billion in an IPO; Intel acquired the leader in advanced driver-assistance solutions, or ADAS, for $15.3 billion four years ago. Intel will maintain majority ownership.

What do our analysts think of the idea?

"Although we think Mobileye has rosy growth prospects, we think this capital allocation decision to unlock value via an IPO for the ADAS leader is a wise move for Intel as it will allow them to focus more on its core chip design and manufacturing business as well as its foundry aspirations," says Morningstar strategist Abhinav Davuluri.

The stock rallied after the news broke, but we think shares have more room to run: Intel still trades below our $65 fair value estimate as of this writing.

Recapping 2021 and Looking Ahead to 2022

December is a time for egg nog, holiday movies, and year-end recaps. At Morningstar, we're doing our part--at least when it comes to the recap part. (I have personally done my part, too, by sipping egg nog while watching Elf.) Just this week, our analysts and specialists talked about how tax-efficient ETFs have been in 2021, which large-growth managers have outperformed this year, and portfolio lessons from 2021. And Mark Miller, a terrific freelance contributor to who focuses on retirement-related issues, takes a look at what he thinks retirees could expect in 2022. And you can expect more recaps and forecasts to come from us as 2021 winds down.

--Susan Dziubinski

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