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How do I change my custom view in Portfolio Manager?

Once logged in , visit the Portfolio section.

  1. Click My View and choose one of the options--My View 1-4.
  2. Click Customize My View” button located in the center of the navigation bar.
  3. This is the screen where you can select or de-select the columns of information you would like to appear in your personal My View.
  4. To add a data point to your My View screen, highlight it in the left column and click Add to bring it to the right column. The data points listed in the right column will be the items that appear in My View.
    5 Once you have made your desired changes by clicking on the data points you would like to display on the left and then adding them to the column on the right, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save" and the data points you selected should appear in the layout.

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