Sustainable Investing: Surfacing ESG Data and Research

Align Investments With Investor Values

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We'll show you how you can use ESG data to isolate a single factor in the Morningstar Cloud. See where funds stand from an ESG perspective in our full dashboard of ESG and sustainability metrics.

ESG Data For Asset Managers

Create sustainable products and use benchmarks to evaluate how funds stack up.
Conduct competitive analysis by screening funds on sustainability factors.
Assess how companies in a portfolio manage carbon risk.

ESG Data for Advisors and Wealth Managers

Select suitable ESG funds and stocks that align with investor values.
Monitor a fund’s ESG factors and perform ESG stock research to construct portfolios.
Help investors identify low-carbon funds.

Measuring Carbon Risk in Portfolios

Understand the risks posed by climate change to help investors make better decisions. Learn how to evaluate carbon risk at the portfolio level with metrics available in the Morningstar Cloud.

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Gain access to our sustainability and carbon metrics through all Morningstar Cloud editions.

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Sustainability ratings, product involvement, and carbon metrics are part of the Morningstar Cloud.