Morningstar Publishing System

Cut down publishing management from months to days

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Use our end-to-end document management service to centralize and securely deliver quality factsheets, regulatory documents, and marketing communications. Outsource report production completely or integrate Morningstar Publishing System into your current report generation process for greater efficiency.

How It Works

Promote your brand

Access robust report templates tailored to your clients’ exact data and design specifications.

Enhance your digital footprint

Connect with your audience by displaying reports directly on your website.

Scale the reporting process

Reduce your document production process from a month to 4-14 days.

Integrate Morningstar data

Leverage Morningstar’s investor-trusted database of global investments to eliminate time-consuming and manual data collection and transformation activities.

Built-in compliance checks

Integrate compliance into your reporting process with a review and sign-off process, automated audit trailer, and archived final reports.

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