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Weekly Wrap: Lessons From Market Crashes and Reducing Risk

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor’s note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

Editor's Picks What Prior Market Crashes Can Teach Us About Navigating the Current One The regularity of market crashes is a reminder that patience is key to investing in equity markets. 3 Good Funds That Just Reopened Our manager research team shares some ideas. Baby Steps for Reducing Risk Investors can take smaller steps to reduce a portfolio's risk profile without making a sweeping overhaul. What's Behind These Funds' Sharp Star-Rating Declines? The past few years have taken a toll on these four funds, but they should shine bright once again. Have Small Value Stocks Become a Bargain? Putting numbers to the thesis. Earnings, Economics Will Drive Stock Returns From Here Investors' focus has shifted this week to earnings reports and economic metrics in order to decipher how quickly a recovery can evolve.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz A Checklist for Volatile Markets: Retiree Edition Volatility is usually more distressing for retirees than it is for people who are earning a paycheck. Here's how to find peace of mind. In a Lower Tax Bracket? Check These Areas Jeff Levine shares some ways to think about improving your tax position. New Tax Filing Deadline Affects More Than Just Taxes Tax and retirement planning expert Ed Slott looks at financial aspects to consider now that the tax filing date is later. What Role Do Bonds Play in an Era of Ultralow Yields? Investors are right to be questioning bonds' role in their portfolios, but they still serve a useful purpose for many. The 411 on RMDs for 2020 Details on workarounds for early RMD-takers, QCDs, and why some taxpayers may want to take a distribution anyway.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds Morningstar Analyst Rating Activity in a Tumultuous March Morningstar analysts rated 1,338 share classes and vehicles and 316 unique strategies in March.

Big Disparities Among the Biggest Stock Funds in the Bear Market A look at how the industry's largest active equity mutual funds have fared in the coronavirus bear market. Why and How to Index in U.S. Small Caps Broad diversification and low fees make indexing a good bet in this arena. 3 Surprises in the March Fund Flows Report Tony Thomas discusses where investors pushed and pulled their money. This Dividend ETF Effectively Balances Yield and Quality Its quality screen mitigates some of the risks associated with yield investing.

Stocks Reaffirming Our Call on U.S. Banks: We Think They're Ready This Time After an in-depth reassessment, we still believe they're undervalued. Johnson & Johnson: Steady Quarter, Lower 2020 Guidance We expect J&J to lead the charge in developing a coronavirus vaccine and view the stock as slightly overvalued. 6 Stocks That Top Managers Are Buying The managers at Oakmark have dug through the market's rubble. Here's what they bought. Tough Quarter for JPMorgan; Lowering Fair Value The wide-moat firm is preparing for loan losses after weak results. U.S. Autos Are Not Doomed Sales will be horrendous in the near term, but there's value to be found. Coronavirus Update: Long-Term Economic Impact Forecast to Be Less Than 2008 Recession Our outlook on how the U.S. will cope during and after the shutdown. Bank of America Losses Are Manageable We slightly lowered our fair value estimate for this wide-moat firm after it reported weaker first-quarter earnings. UnitedHealth: Solid Quarter, Maintaining 2020 Outlook Results and outlook for the wide-moat firm bode well for the discounted managed-care industry, and shares appear moderately undervalued. Lowering Our Fair Value Estimate for BlackRock The wide-moat firm's organic growth, market losses, and adverse currency exchange all were slightly worse than our own projections. Midstream Liquidity Concerns Overblown Operational results will worsen, but most companies should muddle through. Rekenthaler Report The Fund Industry's Struggle to Provide Retirement Income Several decades later, the answer has not yet arrived. Advisor Insights What Investor Biases Are Neurotic Investors Most Prone To? Contributor Michael Pompian shares the results of his new study of personality traits and investment biases.

The Long View Chris Davis: Banking on Boring, Reliable Franchises The manager of the Davis NY Venture fund offers his thoughts on how best to sift for bargains post-sell-off, his team's fondness for financial stocks, and why Berkshire hasn't made any acquisitions yet.

Sustainability Matters U.S. ESG Funds Outperformed Conventional Funds in 2019 A look back at the year in sustainability.

Commentary Bear Market, Economic Recession: Where Are We Now? Answers to questions you might be asking about where the market stands. Long-Term Fund Outflows Amid Volatility Triple '08 Figures The coronavirus pandemic shook the markets in March, and bond-fund flows cooled off dramatically after a hot streak. Mohamed El-Erian Explains the Coronavirus' Impact on Global Markets In our podcast, Allianz's chief economic advisor discusses the effects of financial contagion, a bond market breakdown, and the coronavirus' impact on global supply chains. Financial Literacy Month How to Allocate Assets for College Savings Families must contend with competing challenges: steep glide paths and high inflation. A Guide to College-Savings Options We compare and contrast a few of the most common college-savings vehicles. Getting Started With a 529 College Savings Plan If setting up a college savings account is on your to-do list, here are some tips for getting going. How Much Should You Save for College? Uncertainty surrounding cost inflation and investment performance make it difficult--but not impossible--to estimate how much you should save. Ways to Make Child Care More Affordable If paying for day care is breaking the bank, these tips and tax strategies might help.

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