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2023 Retirement Plan Landscape Report

Millions of Americans rely on the U.S. retirement system to save and invest for their futures. Similarly, the system depends on new employers offering retirement plans to replace plan closures. Expanding access to employer-sponsored retirement plans is essential to ensuring Americans are saving enough for the future, but it’s also necessary for the current system to address its weakness. In the second iteration of our annual report, we take a comprehensive look at the overall health of the U.S. retirement system, cast a light on its weaknesses, and outline implications for the industry and policymakers alike. We also examine what the impacts of two years of market volatility and the coronavirus pandemic had on the fragility of the U.S. retirement system.

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2023 Retirement Plan Landscape Report

What's Inside

  • Insights into the lasting impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the defined-benefit (DB) system
  • An overview of the defined-contribution (DC) system, trends, and the effects on the system revealed by recent economic shocks
  • A deep dive into the costs of DC plans to workers and retirees and their investments
  • Implications of how broader adoption of collective investment trusts could aid in overall plan costs
  • For a summary of the findings, click here

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