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The Morningstar Investment Conference is designed to help investing professionals recognise lessons from the past, understand what’s happening right now, and peek around the corner to see what’s next.

2020 Speakers

The conference brings together some of the financial industry’s top minds.

Keynote Speaker

Danielle Wood

Grattan Institiute

Danielle is the CEO and former budget policy and institutional reform program director at the Grattan Institute. Her research and advocacy efforts focus on tax and budget policy, inequality and integrity reforms. She is a regular media commentator and speaker on economic policy issues. Danielle previously worked at the ACCC, NERA Economic Consulting and as a Senior Research Economist at the Productivity Commission.


Mark Arnold

Hyperion Asset Management

Mark is the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of Hyperion. Mark is the most Senior Portfolio Manager in the investment team and has the most influence over Hyperion’s investment decision making. He has portfolio management responsibilities across all of Hyperion’s equity strategies. He is also the Chair of Hyperion’s Investment Committee.

Måns Carlsson-Sweeny

Ausbil Investment Management

Måns leads Ausbil’s ESG Research Team who take an active approach to engaging Australia’s listed companies on environment, social and governance issues. Måns also leads Ausbil’s integration of proprietary ESG scoring, research and ratings within Ausbil’s top-down bottom-up valuation approach so that ESG is fundamentally considered in Ausbil’s investment decisions. Måns has been with Ausbil since 2015.

Mark Casey

Capital Group
(San Francisco)

Mark is an equity portfolio manager at Capital Group. He has 19 years of investment experience, all with Capital Group. Earlier in his career at Capital, Mark was an equity investment analyst and covered U.S. media, entertainment, newspapers, infrastructure software, internet and document imaging. Prior to joining Capital, he was a director and product manager for Siebel Systems. He holds an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School and a bachelor’s degree in history from Yale University graduating magna cum laude.

Martin Conlon


Martin is Head of Australian Equities. He is a fund manager and involved in the portfolio construction process for Australian Equity portfolios, while also retaining analytical responsibilities for the Diversified Financials, Gaming, General Insurance, Life insurance and Telecommunications sectors. Martin joined Schroders in 1994 and was promoted to Head of Australian Equities in 2003. Prior to joining Schroders he was an accountant at Ernst & Young.

Tony Cousins

Pyrford International

Tony joined Pyrford in 1989 and headed Pyrford’s European and UK investment management activities for 20 years and was promoted to the position of Joint Chief Investment Officer in November 2009. On 1 January 2011 Tony was further promoted to the roles of Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer.

Charles Jamieson

Jamieson Coote Bonds

Charles is a JCB co-founder and Chief Investment Officer overseeing JCB’s suite of Australian and Global High Grade Bond strategies. Charles has forged a career as a seasoned bond investor since 2001 across New York, Tokyo, London and Sydney, all with (prior to JCB) Merrill Lynch/Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Michael Jantzi


Michael is the CEO of Sustainalytics. He was the founder of Jantzi Research and has been active in the responsible investment field since 1990. Jantzi is a thought leader on sustainability investment and corporate social responsibility issues and regularly appears in the global media. He is the co-author of The 50 Best Ethical Stocks for Canadians: High Value Investing, published by MacMillan Canada.

Michael Kelly

PineBridge Investments
(New York)

Michael joined PineBridge Investments in 1999 and is responsible for the global multi-asset business. The Global Multi-Asset Team manages lifestyle and asset allocation strategies, and has developed and manages principal protected strategies and global tactical asset allocation.

Brad Kinkelaar

Barrow Hanley

Brad is the Senior Managing Director, Portfolio Manager for Barrow Hanley, which he joined in 2017. He previously served as an equity portfolio manager and head of dividend strategies at Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO). During his 24-year investment career, Brad served as a managing director and equity portfolio manager at Thornburg Investment Management and as an equity analyst at State Farm Insurance Companies.

Marc Seidner

(Newport Beach)

Marc is CIO of Non-traditional Strategies, a managing director and head of portfolio management in the New York office. He is also a generalist portfolio manager and a member of the Investment Committee. He rejoined PIMCO in November 2014 after serving as head of fixed income at GMO LLC, and previously he was a PIMCO managing director, generalist portfolio manager and member of the Investment Committee until January 2014.

Bonnie Wongtrakool

Western Asset Management
(Los Angeles)

Bonnie is the Global Head of ESG Investments and Portfolio Manager in Western Asset’s Pasadena office, which she joined in 2003. Bonnie leads the Firm’s ESG research, engagement, strategies and portfolios, which express Western Asset’s ESG capabilities across a wide range of fixed-income mandates. Bonnie is a member of the firm’s US Broad Strategy Committee, which establishes standards for ESG analysis across the Firm.

2020 Digital Agenda

On-Demand Sessions

CPD points available

Keynote Address - Can Fiscal Policy Provide the Post-COVID Economic Boost that Monetary Policy No Longer Can?

With the conference falling two days after this year’s postponed federal budget, which will likely be the most important federal budget in history, there’s no better time to hear from keynote speaker Danielle Wood, CEO and previously the budget policy and institutional reform program director at the Grattan Institute. Wood will give on her assessment regarding how the government is aiming to fill the fiscal policy needs of our economy in the current environment. 
Danielle Wood, Grattan Institute

Defence Under Duress: Key Considerations for Fixed Interest Allocations

The enormous policy response to the economic disruptions caused by the pandemic has helped to settle the nerves of investors, but difficult questions remain over the longer-term implications of these actions. How should investors view the sharp flight from risk seen in bond markets earlier in 2020, and just how susceptible is the credit market to a more protracted economic downturn?  
Charles Jamieson, Jamieson Coote Bonds / Marc Seidner, PIMCO / Moderator: Tim Wong, Morningstar Australasia

Global Equities Panel - Can Value Beat Growth Again?

Value beats Growth has been the accepted mantra over the long term in equity investing. A long and deep drought for Value suggests this may no longer be the case. Have the technology superstars changed the game forever? 
Brad Kinkelaar, Barrow Hanley / Mark Casey, Capital Group / Moderator: Aman Ramrakha, Morningstar Australasia

Direct Equities - Navigating the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges and increased uncertainty. Despite our equity research team’s optimism for treatment and vaccine availability, the virus has fundamentally altered the way we work and live. But it also has presented opportunities for long-term investors willing to navigate these changes, and look past the near-term market volatility. Please join our analysts to discuss the impacts and opportunities they see in the energy, banking, and consumer retail sectors in particular.
Mark Taylor, Morningstar Australasia / Johannes Faul, Morningstar Australasia / Nathan Zaia, Morningstar Australasia / Moderator: Adam Fleck, Morningstar Australasia

Asset Allocation - The Silver Lining to a Cloud of Risk

Let's be honest, portfolio returns haven't been that bad given a global pandemic. But at a time of record low interest rates, conceivably extreme equity market valuations and enormous uncertainty regarding our return to normal life - what are the right portfolio settings to ensure exposure to opportunities without risking the house?
Tony Cousins, Pyrford International / Michael Kelly, PineBridge Investments / Matt Wacher, Morningstar Investment Management / Moderator: Matt Wilkinson, Morningstar Australasia

An Inflection Point for Sustainable Investing - The Time is Now

A global pandemic. Bushfires bringing climate-change and fossil fuels front of mind to Australian investors. Never has there been a timelier litmus test for sustainable investing. These issues have become part of the mainstream investment narrative. Financial Advisers have an opportunity to help investors of all kinds as they begin to consider not only how ESG risks might affect their portfolios but also how their investments in companies and funds might result in positive societal and/or environmental outcomes.  
In this panel, we will speak with global ESG experts about sustainability risks and opportunities. We will also explore implications for portfolio strategies and how Advisers can apply new thinking in this area to their businesses, including how to communicate what’s ahead to clients. 
Bonnie Wongtrakool, Western Asset Management / Måns Carlsson-Sweeny, Ausbil Investment Management / Michael Jantzi, Sustainalytics / Moderator: Grant Kennaway, Morningstar Australasia

The Valuation Conundrum - What Price for Australian Equities?

As 2020 dawned, no-one foresaw the extent of the health crisis that would rock every economy around the world. But after one of the sharpest sell-offs in history, few would have predicted the scale and speed of the equity market recovery. Growth stocks have led the way, spurred by co-ordinated and unconventional fiscal and monetary policy action, while value stocks have continued to languish in relative terms. With no clear resolution to the health crisis in sight, a deep global recession and ballooning government debt, our panel discusses the risk and reward trade off currently facing investors in Australian equities, and how to value stocks in the current environment.
Mark Arnold, Hyperion Asset Management / Martin Conlon, Schroders / Moderator: Michael Malseed, Morningstar Australasia

Discussing the Right Strategies for your Client Portfolios

Morningstar’s investment specialists will interpret and apply learnings from throughout the conference and answer the top questions on your mind. Gain insights into portfolio construction, investment selection and more.
Tim Murphy, Morningstar Australasia / Aman Ramrakha, Morningstar Australasia / Jody Fitzgerald, Morningstar Investment Management / Moderator: Jamie Wickham, Morningstar Australasia

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New date for the MICAU 2020 digital conference
The MICAU 2020 digital conference will take place on 8 and 9 October 2020. The exact times will be communicated and confirmed in due course. On-demand content from the conference will be available until 8 November 2020. The live events, scheduled for 8 October, will no longer take place.

What does “digital event” mean?
The digital Morningstar Investment Conference is an immersive online event that features all the key benefits you love about our flagship industry conference, bringing together industry leaders and investing specialists to discuss the latest developments and share new perspectives on the market. 

What software will be required to view the keynote speakers, panel discussions and interact with people?
The digital Morningstar Investment Conference will be web-based, so all you'll need is a computer and an internet connection.   

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You will receive an email from Morningstar Events the week of Oct. 5, 2020 with credentials needed for access.

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While subject to change, our full agenda is now available on the site. Just scroll up! 

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Will any form of in-person event take place for the Morningstar Investment Conference?
There will not be any in-person event taking place in association with the Morningstar Investment Conference in 2020.

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Yes, the agenda will be submitted for CPD points.

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Bookmark our social media hash tags to get the latest updates and live insights from the conference: #MICAU and #MICDigital