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We help you develop programs that reach your target audience—whether it’s a branding campaign, product launch, or thought-leadership distribution. We have a unique approach to developing the right solutions for you.

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Simplify Your Media Planning With Morningstar

Our recent site enhancements provide for a quicker and more streamlined experience for individual investors and advisors. We are focused on delivering the most insightful, relevant, and uncompromising content we can produce, always putting investors first. Whether we’re reaching investors directly or through advisors and institutions, our goal is the same.

Morningstar Websites screens on desktop and mobile devices

Relevant Content is designed to support the investing tasks that we are distinctly positioned to serve evaluating and discovering new investments, building/upgrading a portfolio, and monitoring the markets. We supply the independent analysis and data both advisors and investors rely on.

Site Functionality

  • Faster load times across the site for increased viewability and better performance. Average viewability rates on are 31% better than industry averages.*
  • is responsive, so your message reaches across all devices—desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Streamlined data pages with tabs for quicker access to data points.

Custom Advertising Opportunities

Homepage: Our homepage provides a powerful buyout experience. With three leaderboards, homepage video center, and half page and rectangle options, your message will be highly visible.

Special Report Weeks: Have 100% share of voice of focused content for one-week sponsorships. Focused content includes such topics as tax planning, ESG Investing, and portfolio makeovers.

Coverpage Sponsorships: Be the exclusive sponsor of one of Morningstar’s Investment Centers. These are available quarterly and include Personal Finance, Mutual Funds, Stocks, ETFs, and Bonds.

Content Sponsorship: Align your brand with specific Morningstar content running across equity reports, articles, and cover pages, in­cluding keyword and behavioral targeted placements at high SOVs. Current content sponsorships include our Markets Volatility Package and Sustainability/ESG pack­age.

*Source: Moat data vs industry standard for ROS Leaderboard desktop traffic YTD. screenshot with ad units

Targeting Capabilities and Online Ad Units

Core Audience

Individual investors, basic and Premium Members of, and financial advisors

Investment-Specific Targeting

Locates users who are monitoring or researching specific investments.

Workflow Targeting

Identifies investment and recommendation pathways where users make purchase decisions.

  • Editorial, tools, and data channels


Directs your message to users.

  • Determined by city, designated market area, or country

Behavioral Targeting

Target to users based on the type of content they have already consumed.

  • Based upon frequency of visits to certain areas of the site.

Standard IAB Units

Custom High-Impact Units screenshots with report sponsorship ad units

Data Report Sponsorship

Investors and advisors dedicate much of their research time to our data report pages. Sponsoring your own report pages helps you reach prospects when they are much closer to making an investment decision.

For greater impact, a leaderboard, rectangle, or half page unit can be added to the program. This is a popular tactic for high-exposure branding initiatives.

These data pages also provide areas for content distribution, allowing the advertiser to share thought leadership, white papers, and fund manager commentary specifi c to each ticker.

Advisor dedicated emails

Advisor-Focused Opportunities

Morningstar has several multifaceted, advisor-focused sponsorship opportunities. These programs offer thought leadership and content distribution to our select audience.

The advisor content on provides seamless access to practice management features, in-depth investment commentary, and other advisor-focused resources critical to their daily workflow. We allow marketers to target these advisors via several different vehicles.

2021 Advisor Targeted Opportunities:

  • Advisor targeted ad units
  • Advisor dedicated emails
  • Quarter-end review package
  • Morningstar Investment Conference opportunities screenshots with quarter end review

Quarter-End Review Package

At the end of every quarter, Morningstar reflects on the market over the previous three months and identifies the best opportunities for investors.

Quarter-End Review Package

The coverage includes a quarter-end review. We also publish a series of 10–12 market outlook articles that outline our analysts’ take on various parts of the market and their picks in each sector.

Package Components

  • 100% SOV on all quarter-end-focused editorial content on for five days
  • Homepage presence throughout the week, with leaderboard and logo

Quarter-end review package schedule

  • March TBD: 1st Quarter Review
  • July TBD: 2nd Quarter Review
  • October TBD: 3rd Quarter Review
  • January TBD: 4th Quarter Review

*Exact dates and number of articles subject to change. screenshots with content distribution modules

Content Distribution Modules

Make Morningstar your communication medium. Use our content distribution modules to distribute your own content on

Content Distribution Module

Deliver your content to users consistently. Our content distribution modules integrate the tools and materials you provide into the workflow of investors and advisors. Our readers come to for our independent perspective and unique content. Let them come to expect the same quality perspectives, commentary, and thought leadership from you.


  • Data reports
  • Articles
  • As part of a center sponsorship
  • As part of a fund report sponsorship
  • Research centers—button and text links
  • Homepage Headline Units
  • Fund & ETF Reports
  • Targeted Fund & ETF Reports homepage buyout screenshots Homepage Buyout

Our redesigned homepage features current news and our latest analysis delivered with our upgraded and faster loading ad units. This page introduces a number of content-rich features, including current market status and recommended reading topics, and it is segmented by topic and investment type as users scroll down.

Take over’s homepage for an entire day. Morningstar’s Today page buyout is a great opportunity for branding and product launches or for pairing your message with market events.


  • Pushdown Intro Ad Treatment
  • Homepage leaderboard
  • Above-fold rectangle (or 300x600)
  • Video-adjacent rectangle
  • Mid-page leaderboard
  • Footer leaderboard screenshots with content sponsorships

Morningstar Content Sponsorships

Content sponsorships align your brand or product with Morningstar’s editorial events and investment centers.

Center Sponsorship

Firms can be the exclusive sponsor of an entire investment center on It’s a great way to gain exposure in the most popular areas, while advertising investment-related product offerings or advice. This opportunity includes a content distribution module and 100% SOV in each investment center.

Available centers:

Exchange-Traded Funds, Fixed Income, Personal Finance, Stocks, Mutual Funds, and Retirement

Special Report Weeks

Our site editors produce content that addresses timely topics such as retirement, tax planning, and college savings. This is an opportunity to align your brand directly with a particular topic or audience. Receive exclusive, 100% SOV sponsorship of a week-long editorial event featured on’s homepage, articles, and video pages.

Content Sponsorship

Align your brand with specific Morningstar content running across equity reports, articles, and cover pages, including keyword and behavioral targeted placements.

Markets Volatility Package

Market Volatility Package: Capitalize on unprecedented market conditions with 100% SOV on our markets coverpage, a volatility targeted articles placement, homepage headline content unit, and multiple eNewsletter drops. Offers multiple touchpoints on volatility/markets coverage across the site.

Sustainability/ESG package

Sustainability/ESG package: Offers the ability to target our users as they actively search for funds and ETFs with high Morningstar Sustainability Ratings (targeted reports with 4 & 5 Globe ratings, our highest). Also includes presence across ESG article content, and our ESG screener. There is truly no better to way to be in front of users as they actively seek investments that are socially responsible.

See our 2021 editorial calendar for more information. 2021 Editorial Calendar

Editorial topics are subject to change.*

January 4–13

Fourth-Quarter/Year-end Review

Morningstar equity and fund analysts provide their takes on the last quarter of 2020. Includes popular “undervalued stocks” article, along with stock market and sector outlooks, wrap-ups for U.S. equity, international, and bond funds, and video recaps of the year in funds and ETFs. Also includes year-end data for indexes and fund categories.

January 25–29

A 2021 Portfolio Tuneup

Morningstar provides investors with a thorough—yet accessible—framework for evaluating their current portfolios and constructing new ones in the New Year. Topics covered during the week include asset allocation and benchmarking, performance evaluation, savings progress, sustainability check, fee evaluation, and tax considerations.

February 22–26

Morningstar’s Tax & IRA Guide

We’ll share tips to lower the tax bite, deal with new tax laws, manage tax-advantaged and taxable accounts, and fix up the tax efficiency of individual investments. Will also include our top ideas for IRAs and IRA mistakes to avoid.

March 15–19

Special Report: Income Investing

Morningstar experts discuss various ways to generate income in a low-yield environment. Special report will cover bonds, dividend-paying stocks, and other income-generating options. Will also touch on income-generating tips for retirees.

March TBD

First-Quarter Review

Morningstar equity and fund analysts provide their takes on the first quarter of 2021. Includes popular “undervalued stocks” article, along with stock market and sector outlooks, and wrap-ups for U.S. equity, international, and bond funds. Lastly, also includes quarter-end data for indexes and fund categories.

April 19–23

Special Report: ESG Investing

This special report is a comprehensive primer for how to select ESG investments, why investors should consider ESG risk, and some of our top ideas.

May 10–14

Morningstar’s Money Guide for New Graduates

We help graduates start off on the right financial foot. We’ll explain how to invest your first 401(k), whether to pay off debt or invest, and share other financial tips.

May 27–30

Morningstar’s 529 Guide

To commemorate National 529 Day, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of 529 investing, discuss pitfalls to avoid, and reveal which 529s we think are best on a variety of metrics.

July TBD

Second-Quarter Review

Morningstar equity and fund analysts provide their takes on the second quarter of 2021. Includes popular “undervalued stocks” article, along with stock market and sector outlooks, and wrap-ups for U.S. equity, international, and bond funds. Lastly, also includes quarter-end data for indexes and fund categories.

September 7–10

Morningstar’s Guide to Saving for Retirement

Tying in with National 401(k) Day on 9/11, our experts provide ideas for those investors accumulating assets for retirement—including those who may just be starting out, those saving for multiple goals, and those mid-career savers.

September 20–24

Special Report: Are You Ready to Retire?

Gauging your retirement readiness is a multi-pronged process. You need to consider what your expenses might be in retirement, how long that retirement may be, and what income you can expect from guaranteed sources and your investment portfolio. Morningstar’s director of personal finance Christine Benz guides readers through those tasks and provides ideas for how investors can bridge any gaps.

September 22–28

Morningstar 2021 Investment Conference Coverage

Morningstar analysts and editors will convene with top fund managers in Morningstar’s flagship annual event for advisors. coverage includes panel excerpts, articles covering the most intriguing ideas from the conference, and video interviews with top managers. (Conference runs 9/22–9/24)

October TBD

Third-Quarter Review

Morningstar equity and fund analysts provide their takes on the third quarter of 2021. Includes popular “undervalued stocks” article, along with stock market and sector outlooks, and wrap-ups for U.S. equity, international, and bond funds. Lastly, also includes quarter-end data for indexes and fund categories.

October 11–15

Morningstar’s Guide to Open Enrollment

We’ll guide readers through how to decide among their company benefits, what factors to consider, and we’ll share our HSA ratings. May also include Medicare open enrollment content.

October TBD

College Savings Week

How much should you save for college? What are the best savings vehicles to use? And how should you allocate assets? We’ll answer those questions and more during college savings week. We’ll also reveal our annually updated 529 savings plan ratings.

November 8–12

Portfolio Makeover Week

During our popular annual Portfolio Makeover Week, Morningstar’s Christine Benz will make over five portfolios, one per day, for real investors of different stripes. Each day’s featured makeover will be accompanied by related article and video reports to help investors in similar situations sort through their options and manage their portfolios more effectively.

December 13–19

Morningstar’s Top 10 Lists/ Year in Review

Morningstar specialists and editors share their top 10 pieces of research, most popular articles and reports, and developments in funds, ETFs, and ESG.

*Topics and dates subject to change.

Global websites

Global Websites

Showcase your products and message across multiple countries or regions. Our international sites can help you launch global branding strategies or let investment professionals know what products you offer in their country. Our advertising placements are high impact and consistent across countries. Reach out to our global ad sales team to learn more.

  • Professional/advisor targeting
  • Category and investment-specific targeting
  • Special report weeks
  • Center sponsorships
  • Content distribution opportunities
  • E-newsletters and dedicated emails

31 websites worldwide in:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia/New Zealand
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America


Dedicated emails

Dedicated Emails

Send your message or offer to over 173,000 subscribers and advisors who are looking for investment ideas and advice. Communicate with those who have opted in to receive offers and information carefully screened by Morningstar.

Dedicated Emails

Dedicated HTML emails are sent from Morningstar on behalf of an exclusive advertiser and feature 100% client-provided content.

Program Components

Email list sizes are subject to change.


  • Delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
  • Assets needed seven days prior to deployment


  • Deliver, open, and click reporting provided
Advisor and investor focused e-newsletters

Advisor and Investor Focused E-Newsletters

For 2021 we have completely redesigned our e-newsletter templates for a cleaner, updated design that will drive engagement via timely, relevant content and enhanced ad units. Sponsorship of our e-newsletters presents your brand to those who keep up with the latest investment trends. Pair your message with any of our eight newsletters that range from market summaries to Morningstar analyst picks and ratings.

Morning Digest (List size: 84,000)

Highlights of new analyst reports and articles from

Stock Analyst Notes (List size: 37,000)

Delivered every morning, our take on the latest news affecting the market’s biggest stocks.

Fund Spy (List size: 260,000)

An inside look at the fund industry and our favorite funds through the eyes of acknowledged fund experts.

Stock Strategist (List size: 290,000)

Insights on market and industry trends alongside stock tips from Morningstar’s stock analysts (Includes the ETF Edition sent the second and third Wednesday of each month).

ETF Strategist (List size: 290,000)

Insights on market and industry trends alongside ETF tips from Morningstar’s ETF analysts.

SmartInvestor (List size: 400,000)

Our weekly e-newsletter filled with ideas on investing better and smarter.

Improving Your Finances (List size: 280,000)

Portfolio planning tips in this e-newsletter alternate between the columns “The Short Answer” and “Improving Your Finances.”

Advisor Digest (List size: 60,000)

Biweekly take on the market and perspectives from industry experts.

Email list sizes are subject to change.


Multimedia events with Alexa and mobile devices

Multimedia Events and Apps

Our cross-platform opportunities allow you to reach investors and advisors at work, home, and everywhere in between.

Alexa Sponsorship

Audio message with sponsor’s name and tagline announced at the conclusion of each Morningstar Flash Briefing skill.

  • Available quarterly
  • Briefings are produced Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)
  • Available on all Alexa-enabled devices
  • Users can initiate the Morningstar briefing by asking Alexa for all flash briefings or by asking for the Morningstar briefing specifically
  • Sponsor’s audio message will be read by Morningstar and can include company name and tagline
  • 100% SOV

Investing Insights and The Long View Podcast Sponsorships

Audio message with sponsor’s name and tagline announced at beginning and midpoint of each Morningstar-produced podcast. Also includes display ads on Morningstar landing pages.

  • Available quarterly
  • Podcasts average 45 minutes long and are produced weekly
  • Sponsor’s audio message will be read by Morningstar and can include company name and tagline
  • 100% SOV

Mobile App

Morningstar offers mobile applications for iPhone® and Android that allow advertisers to reach investors and advisors on the go.

  • Functionality includes portfolio tracking and real-time quotes for stocks, funds, and ETFs, as well as the latest financial news and analysis
  • 30% of traffic on is mobile
  • 300 x 50 mobile ad unit

Apple News

Engage with users off-site, with our newly created Apple News feed. Rectangle and half-page in-content units are available on a CPM basis.

iPad® App

Morningstar® for iPad® wraps our robust data and analysis in an intuitive, elegant interface, giving users a way to research securities, evaluate portfolios, and monitor the markets.

With Morningstar for iPad, users can:

  • Sync with their account
  • Find real-time quotes on thousands of companies and easily revisit recent searches
  • Monitor market performance

We offer sponsorship opportunities on a quarterly basis for 50% SOV of all ad units.