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Sustainalytics ESG Risk Ratings and Research on Israeli Companies

How we’ve addressed anti-Israel bias concerns in our research

Following questions about whether some of Sustainalytics’ ESG research reflected biases, we engaged with organizations to understand the concerns and underwent thorough, independent reviews of our research in the sensitive area of human rights. That process, while long, was a substantive and productive one that we’re grateful to have taken.

Our research today is even stronger and more consistent for the investors we serve. Most significantly, we will retire the Occupied Territories/Disputed Controversies incident type across human rights-related incidents and events identified anywhere around the globe. Among the changes we’ve made, we have enhanced our approach to using sources, clarified the human rights guidance that underpins aspects of our research, unified oversight of our methodologies, and improved the language we use. You can find more details about those changes here.

Since our founding 40 years ago, Morningstar has been dedicated to independent, comprehensive research that investors can trust. We look forward to continuing to provide investors with the information they seek to guide successful investing outcomes.