Morningstar Data

Uncover what’s behind complex investments with a connected
source of data and analytics.

The forces of data and
research united.

Good data helps us discover things, testing the boundaries of what’s possible. You’ll find new areas to research by combining our powerful insights and expansive data to map uncharted paths for investing where nothing existed before.

Detect an investor trend on the rise.

Data should constantly evolve, like the preferences of investors. We’re always looking for new ways to add calculations and enhance our own data with offerings like private equity, fixed income, and sustainability. You could be at the pulse of investor choice, seeing trends as they unfold.

A shared language with investors.

Investors use our research and ratings to make decisions about how they invest their money. Our independent analysis and data help people connect throughout the financial world, setting an industry standard. Breadth of data doesn’t mean much if it doesn't resonate with what investors need.

Look at your investments
from all sides.

What if you could dig deeper? With a connected universe of proprietary data and access to full portfolio holdings, you can work the data to reveal underlying risk. And in an evolving regulatory environment, you can discover investments that fill a need or compare them to understand their true differences.

The Data You Need in One Place

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Evaluate how well the companies in a fund’s portfolio are managing ESG factors, like carbon risk.

Fixed Income

Access calculated full-holdings data to make consistent comparisons across the global universe of fixed-income managed funds.

Exchange-Traded Funds

Unravel these complex investments and see how they fit into a portfolio with our data and in-depth analysis.

Separate Accounts

Analyze portfolio performance using our ever-expanding database, one of the most comprehensive.

Equity and Markets

Get a full view of the global markets and look at the granular details of how a stock is performing.

Mutual Funds

Dive deep into a manager’s track record and the quality of underlying investments.

Morningstar Markets Observer

Get new and timely market data and in-depth analysis of asset classes and global economic indicators in this quarterly collection of charts and analysis.

Ready to See for Yourself?

See how Morningstar’s data can help you help investors build a better financial future.