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See the Goal Planning Tool in Action

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Deepen client conversations with meaningful financial objectives. Within the Investment Planning experience of Morningstar Advisor Workstation, you can connect goals to investment plans that drive investor success.

  • Uncover and prioritize goals to help clients reach meaningful financial milestones.
  • Generate recommended investment profiles for each goals.
  • Illustrate trade-offs with side-by-side comparisons that engage clients.
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An easy way to build and propose investment plans, all within your clients’ recommended risk profile.

See it in Action

Choose and Rank Financial Goals
Start with the "why" of investing. Use the platform to guide clients through a list of suggested goals and help them prioritize what matters most.

Showcase Your Value with Realistic Scenarios
In Advisor Workstation, you can compare the likelihood of fully funding each goal with different asset allocations. Highlight your impact with compliant modeling.

Create Goals-Based Plans in Minutes
Choose from investment strategies generated for your client’s goals and risk tolerance. You can build proposals with model portfolios, lists, or their current investments.

Explore the Investment Planning Experience

Investment Planning Experience
Holistic, end-to-end personalized investment planning to drive the most successful investor outcomes.

Risk Ecosystem
Reliably assess client risk profiles and portfolio risk levels to deliver an investment plan in their comfort range.

Investor Preferences Tool
Connect to your clients’ revealed values and sustainability preferences to optimize their portfolios.


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