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Investor Preferences and the Investment Planning Experience

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Know more about your clients with a convenient preferences survey. You can build optimized portfolios that serve their financial aspirations and reflect their personal convictions.

  • Align investments with clients’ values, risk profiles, and financial goals.
  • Create a truly personalized portfolio that reflects clients’ preferences and meets their financial needs.
  • Determine your clients’ level of conviction in sustainable-investing themes.
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Uncover and quantify preferences that clients want to express through their investments. At the click of a button, optimize portfolios for their values while staying in line with their risk profiles.

Personalize Investment Planning for Investor Success

Build Truly Personal Portfolios
Customize portfolios for every client in your book of business. It’s easy to optimize portfolios with Morningstar impact, product involvement, and target risk index data.

Get Rid of Guesswork
Get actionable feedback with a preferences survey built on behavioral science. The methods behind our survey have been rigorously validated. You can document what clients care about—and how much.

Set Your Practice Apart
It can be tough to raise the topic of sustainability with clients. Stand out from the competition with a proven way to talk about client preferences. Deeper conversations can make them feel more engaged with their investments.

Explore the Investment Planning Experience

Risk Ecosystem
Reliably assess client risk profiles and portfolio risk levels to deliver an investment plan in their comfort range.

Investment Planning Experience
Personalize your recommendations based on your client’s risk comfort, values, and goals.

Investment Goals
Connect client goals to an easy-to-understand plan to drive meaningful investment conversations.


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