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Minimizing risk on the path to prosperity.

See the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire in Action

By knowing how comfortable a client is with investment ups and downs, advisors can help bring calm and peace of mind when risk is realized. The Morningstar Risk Ecosystem provides a world-class psychological risk tolerance tool that helps simplify processes, stay compliant, and reassure clients.

How a Risk Profile Assessment Works

Accurate psychometric risk assessment
Risk Profiler accurately measures investors’ familiarity with risk and market dynamics, plus their likely behavior in the face of volatility. It makes it easy for investors to understand the tradeoffs between risk tolerance, risk need, and risk capacity. By asking better questions about risk we help investors understand its role and stick to the plan when they encounter volatility.
Personalized investment guidance
Risk Profiler identifies the best investments and allocations for your clients’ by aligning their personal risk profile with their equity goals and timeline. It’s an investor-first approach that helps you understand your clients’ needs and connect them with the right products.
Simplified compliance and defensibility
Risk Profiler features a transparent methodology that meets the regulations and compliance frameworks of the 20+ countries where it’s used.
Academically validated and trustworthy
Risk Profiler has been independently vetted using academically rigorous methods. Our software earned best-in-class scores and received an A+ rating for legal defensibility.
Full integration with Morningstar's ecosystem
Risk Profiler is part of a complete financial planning toolset, powered by Morningstar®. Full integration puts all your client information in one place and enables data to flow end-to-end, eliminating redundant tasks and driving productivity. And Risk Compass gives you access to Morningstar’s unparalleled research and expertise, so you can give your clients the most informed and effective guidance.

An essential program to deepen and improve client engagement. It has assisted me in building a very successful practice and we highly recommend it for any advisor who wants to enhance the overall value of their client relationships.

Tina Bates CPA, CA, MBA, CIM® Investment Advisor, Manulife Securities
Tina Bates CPA, CA, MBA, CIM® Investment Advisor, Manulife Securities

Measurement of Client Risk Tolerance: How Improving Methodology Could Offer Advisors a Significant Competitive Advantage

The technology is here to make distribution of questionnaires, generation of risk tolerance scores, and conversations with clients, a much easier and thoughtful process. Choosing the right approach could lead to much higher retention and a better connection with your clients.

How You Can Get It

Morningstar Enterprise Components
Risk Profiler is also available as a web component, aligning to your needs and capabilities.

See for Yourself

Learn how understanding risk tolerance can help you better serve clients, build trust, and increase retention for advisors.