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Morningstar Direct Lens

Let’s focus on your portfolios


Morningstar Direct Lens lets you create, edit, and analyze portfolios quickly and efficiently using a clear, intuitive interface.

It unifies our powerful portfolio capabilities in a single experience, so professional investors spend less time flipping between windows and applications more time adding value.

See the full impact of holdings and positions in a portfolio, including Global Access data (from Morningstar Sustainalytics) and an expanded set of public equity data, then use streamlined workflows to take action quickly and efficiently. 


Watch the Direct Lens Webinar

Portfolio management has changed since we launched Direct in 2001, and Lens is one way we’re evolving to reflect your needs. Watch our on-demand webinar “Portfolio Construction: Make Your Tools Work For You with Direct Lens” to see how you can use Lens to help your great portfolios shine.


Download Our Portfolio Analysis Guide

Regional bank failures. Cryptocurrency booms and busts. Sky-high interest rates. How do you know if your portfolios are prepared for the next crisis?

Three key tactics can improve your everyday portfolio analysis.

A Brand-New Way to Work With Portfolios

Looking at challenges from every angle is how we find solutions, and Lens was built from the ground up to help modern portfolio managers construct investment strategies and analyze them before they hit the market. This means users can save time, money, and resources by eliminating the need for additional technology stacks and data systems.


See Lens in Action With a Free Trial

Lens is a huge leap forward for Morningstar Direct, and a two-week trial is the perfect amount of time to dig into everything.