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Make the most of your retirement plan with curated insights and answers to frequently asked questions.

Getting Started with Morningstar® Retirement ManagerSM

Here is a list of helpful information to help you navigate Morningstar Retirement Manager as a new user.

Getting Started

Morningstar Retirement Manager is a retirement planning service that’s offered through your employer and retirement plan provider (the company that “holds” your 401(k) or other retirement account). It’s designed to help you save and invest with your employer-sponsored retirement account, like a 401(k) or 403(b).

Whether you just started saving, are about to retire, or are somewhere in between Morningstar Retirement Manager provides tailored advice to help you at every step of your retirement journey. First, we consider your unique situation and goals to design a savings and investment strategy just for you. Then, the professionals at Morningstar Investment Management can manage your investments for you, so you can plan for the retirement you want.

Morningstar Retirement Manager is designed to give you a personalized retirement strategy with minimal effort from you.

To get started, the service uses information shared by your employer and plan provider, but you might need to confirm some basic details like your age, job, or salary. You’ll also have an opportunity to tell the service about any other retirement savings you have—like a 401(k) from a past job or a spouse or partner’s IRA—which will help us further tailor your strategy to you.

After confirming and updating your information, you’ll get to review your personalized strategy.

From there, you can choose from our managed accounts service if you’d like Morningstar Investment Management to provide ongoing management of your portfolio moving forward or the advice option if you’d like to handle the ongoing management yourself.

For those who select our managed accounts service, though we provide professional ongoing management, we still recommend you check in to Morningstar Retirement Manager once a year or whenever your situation changes in a way that might affect your retirement strategy. For those who choose our advice offering, we recommend returning to the service every three months to resubmit your strategy and effectively rebalance your portfolio, since it won’t be automatically rebalanced for you.

If you’ve signed up for the managed accounts service through Morningstar Retirement Manager, your retirement savings and investments are being managed by Morningstar Investment Management, a registered investment adviser and subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc. Our team specializes in providing services—such as Morningstar Retirement Manager—that help retirement savers like you save and invest for the future.

Our team of professionals includes people who have spent decades working in the investment industry, helping us develop specialties in asset allocation, portfolio construction, and manager selection. It's this real human experience that shapes the service provided through Morningstar Retirement Manager to help you save and invest with a strategy tailored to your life and retirement goals.

Morningstar Retirement Manager can be accessed through your plan provider’s website. Your plan provider is the company that "hosts” your retirement plan provided to you by your employer. Once you navigate to your plan provider’s website, you can log in to your account and will see a link that directs you to Morningstar Retirement Manager.

If you choose the managed accounts service, there is an annual account management fee to cover the cost of having the investment professionals at Morningstar Investment Management provide ongoing management of your account for you. The exact fee depends on your provider but will be less than 1%. For example, with a 1% fee, you would pay $350 each year for an account with $35,000. The fee will be taken from your account balance on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on your plan provider.

You may cancel Morningstar Retirement Manager at any time, with no cancellation fee or penalty of any kind. You can cancel by launching the service through your plan provider’s website and selecting Cancel Service in the bottom right corner. After filling out an exit survey, your enrollment will be canceled. You are free to sign up again at any time through your plan provider’s website.

We’re about putting investors first – all investors.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help more people achieve the retirement they want through our cutting-edge products and services that assist you in saving and investing for the future.

Our History

Founded in 1999, the Workplace Solutions Group of Morningstar Investment Management LLC is a team of investment analysts and researcher with unshakeable standards. Our parent company, Morningstar, Inc., has been helping investors reach their financial goals since 1984.

Our Commitment

We don’t get paid extra to recommend certain securities to you. We work for you—your bottom line is the only one that matters.

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All investments involve risk, including the loss of principal. There can be no assurance that any financial strategy will be successful. Morningstar Investment Management does not guarantee that the results of their advice, recommendations or objectives of a strategy will be achieved.