Invest in Style

The Morningstar® Broad Style IndexesSM

A more flexible, intuitive framework for style investing and analysis.

Designed to accurately represent the size and style dimensions of the U.S. equity market in alignment with the Morningstar Style Box™, the Morningstar® Broad Style IndexesSM are a natural complement for informing style-related investment decisions. Index methodology targets broad market segments and allows for constituent overlap, resulting in benchmarks that better reflect the opportunity set for style investors.

Intelligent Benchmarking

By targeting broad segments and allowing for overlap, the indexes facilitate better benchmarking of active strategies.

Competitive Performance

Through a robust methodology, the indexes' performance is comparable to other style indexes on the market.

Exceptional Value

Advancing Morningstar's goal of lowering the cost of benchmarking and empowering investor success.

Morningstar Broad Style Indexes

The Morningstar Broad Style Index family consists of 12 U. S. equity indexes that track the U. S. equity market by capitalization and investment style. Read our Methodology and FAQ.

Four indexes represent size segments based on their coverage of the U. S. equity market:

Large Cap



Small Cap Extended

Eight indexes represent style segments within each of the size segments:

Large Cap Broad Growth

Large Cap Broad Value

Large-Mid Broad Growth

Large-Mid Broad Value

Mid Cap Broad Growth

Mid Cap Broad Value

Small Cap Broad Growth Extended

Small Cap Broad Value Extended

Forever in Style: Expanding Morningstar’s Style Index Suite

In response to the ongoing evolution of style investing, Morningstar is launching a new suite of style indexes to complement its original family. The Morningstar Broad Style Indexes are aligned with the Morningstar Style Box by design and serve a wide range of investor needs.

About the Morningstar Style Box

The Morningstar Style Box has become the industry standard for categorizing and tracking managed investment portfolios. It describes securities in terms of their relative size and value-growth orientation in an intuitive, visual tool. It is based on a robust methodology that includes forward-looking and historical components and 10 different factors to measure value-growth orientation.


Morningstar and iShares Join Forces to Lead the Industry in Style Investing

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