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Weekly Wrap: Essential Stocks and Experts' Updated Forecasts

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor’s note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

Editor's Picks 9 Undervalued Essential Stocks The stocks of these wide- and narrow-moat companies providing "essential" services are trading at discounts to their fair value estimates. Did Defensive Stock Funds Provide a Cushion in the Bear Market? And some surprising results from two not-so-defensive offerings. Experts Forecast Stock and Bond Returns: Crisis Edition Despite fears over a deep recession, lower equity valuations signal higher future stock-market returns, according to our roundup of forecasts from major investment firms. Nobody's Talking About the Banks Will it stay that way? What in the World Happened to Oil Prices? We think these E&P companies have strong balance sheets and are not at risk. Why Asset Managers' Climate Stewardship Matters More Than Ever Even amidst a world rattled by the coronavirus, climate change remains the most significant global threat to humans and the financial system.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz How Charitable Giving Is Changing in 2020 As the need for charitable gifts grows, the CARES Act ushers in changes affecting retirees, non-itemizers, and heavy givers.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds How Is Pimco Total Return Handling a Manager Change? This fund quietly continues in its role as a flagship offering. 3 Equity Funds That Repelled the Bear We examine the funds that held up better than others in these turbulent markets. Lessons from the Bond Market Sell-Off Investors were rewarded for seeking safety and punished for taking credit risk. A Newly Top-Rated Core Bond Fund Fidelity U.S. Bond Index now earns a Gold rating. Here's why. Why Bank Loan Funds Need Active Management in This Market Illiquidity and credit risk make indexing less effective in the bank-loan sphere. How Did Sustainable Fixed-Income Weather First Quarter? Security selection and investment process helped these strategies navigate market turmoil.

Stocks Enbridge's Sell-Off Looks Exaggerated The market is underestimating long-term cash flows once oil prices normalize. Look to Lithium's Bright Long-Term Future Getting past near-term growing pains and uncertainty, we see significant risk-adjusted upside. Looking for Answers in Utilities' Earnings Usually bland first-quarter earnings reports should offer many insights for 2020 and beyond. 2 Bank Stocks for Dividend-Seekers We examine the capital adequacy and the solvency of the U.S. financial system. Stock Analyst Updates Storage Fears Spark Epic Collapse for WTI Crude Widespread social distancing due to the coronavirus has dragged down gasoline consumption and storage utilization is rapidly climbing. Long-Term Value for Coke Despite Uncertainty Shares of the wide-moat firm offer compelling value at current prices. Netflix Benefits as Viewers Stay at Home Despite subscriber additions ahead of our estimate, revenue for the narrow-moat company was only 1% ahead of our projections for the first quarter. Chipotle Set to Aggressively Pursue Market Share We plan to raise our fair value estimate to reflect future market share gains, but shares are still overvalued. United Airlines Raises Equity, We Reduce Our Fair Value It's difficult to say with any certainty when air traffic will return, but we are confident that demand will eventually bounce back. Trading Volume to Partly Support TD Ameritrade Top Line We don't anticipate making a material change to our fair value estimate and assess the shares as modestly undervalued Work-From-Home Trend Bolsters Demand for Intel We are maintaining our $70 fair value estimate for wide-moat Intel. Shares look attractive at current levels. E-Trade Reports Good Quarter; Morgan Stanley Deal Nears We don't anticipate making a material change to our fair value estimate for the narrow-moat firm and assess shares as moderately undervalued. Rekenthaler Report Long Bonds Are for Fools The investment hope is to sell them to greater fools. Advisor Insights The Retirement Plan Industry's Troubling Framework Fiduciary buyers bear virtually all the legal responsibility, but it's the nonfiduciary sellers that largely control them, argues contributor Scott Simon.

The Long View Brigitte Madrian: 'Inertia Can Actually Be a Helpful Thing' A leading behavioral researcher discusses the importance of setting the right retirement-plan defaults and how the current crisis puts urgency around "rainy day accounts."

Sustainability Matters Coronavirus Crisis Highlights Need for Stakeholder Capitalism Sustainable investing can help bring it about. Morningstar's Quintessential List of Sustainable Funds Premium exclusive: Morningstar's head of sustainability research Jon Hale has compiled a complete and vetted list of sustainable funds. The Short Answer What to Do If Your Employer Cuts Its 401(k) Match A match is a great employer benefit and a powerful wealth-building tool, but there are many reasons to keep contributing to your 401(k) even if this key benefit is suspended.

Commentary Market Volatility FAQ: What Our Readers Asked Us We answer common questions related to the impact of the coronavirus and your investments. Unique, but Normal: Riding Out This Market Crisis The markets follow patterns. We discuss ways to find your way to the upside of the current environment. Not All Recent Market Surprises Are Unpleasant Municipal bonds and financial stocks suffered amid the volatility, but growth stocks persevered, and the market's recovery has been robust. Stock Funds With the Biggest Change in First-Quarter Rankings What can we learn from the jumps?

Earth Week 10 Stocks for a Low-Carbon Economy These companies are well-positioned for a world less dependent on fossil fuels. 3 Promising Green Stocks Not all of these stocks trade in buying range today, but they're solid watchlist candidates for environmentally focused investors. Making the Impossible Possible We break down why investors should care about pursuing climate action in their portfolios. Special Report: Earth Week 2020 Environmental issues are altering how companies do business and where investors put their dollars. Here's how to effectively navigate the opportunities and risks. A Look at the Thematic Funds That Offer a Sustainable Focus Morningstar's thematic funds taxonomy provides a new lens for evaluating funds with a sustainable focus. Financial Literacy Month Assess Your Asset Allocation for Retirement Tips for customizing your own glide path. Do You Have Enough to Retire? For soon-to-be retirees, it's crucial to conduct an ultra-customized assessment of retirement-savings adequacy. How to Bridge a Retirement Shortfall A combination of incremental, not revolutionary, changes can help bridge the gap. The Transition to Medicare: How to Get It Right Contributor Mark Miller discusses the pitfalls to avoid. Get a Tax-Smart Plan for In-Retirement Withdrawals Consider these strategies to stretch out your tax savings during your retirement years.

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