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Special Report

Special Report: Earth Week 2020

Environmental issues are altering how companies do business and where investors put their dollars. Here's how to effectively navigate the opportunities and risks.

April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The first Earth Day in 1970 led to the eventual passage of landmark environmental laws in the United States. More recently, the Paris Agreement was signed by more than 120 countries on Earth Day 2016.

Concern about the environment isn’t just a once-per-year event, of course. Environmental issues present challenges--and opportunities--year-round.

As concerns about the coronavirus consume economies around the globe, some might think Earth Day is less relevant this year. But the pandemic will end in time. Environmental issues and sustainability initiatives, meanwhile, will continue to gain momentum and impact how companies conduct business.

In fact, the recent market pullback presents investors with an opportunity to reassess their investments as they rebalance or put new money to work. There is no better time than now to examine the sustainability of your investments; determine what environmental, social, and governance-related risks they face; and develop a plan to better align your investments with your values if you so choose.

In this week’s special report, Morningstar’s specialists provide the insights, strategies, and tools to do just that. We’re digging into the climate risks facing the economy, sharing some of our best environmentally friendly investment ideas, and offering blueprints for building sustainable portfolios.

Addressing Climate Risk

Making the Impossible Possible
We break down why investors should care about pursuing climate action in their portfolios.

3 Ways to Make Your Portfolio More Climate-Aware
Lower your fossil-fuel exposure, invest in the green economy, and urge all companies you own to be more sustainable.

How to Address Climate Risk in Your Portfolio
Morningstar director of sustainable investing Jon Hale suggests several tactics for getting your arms around the issue.

Watch Jeremy Grantham’s ‘Race of Our Lives’ Speech
At the 2018 Morningstar Conference, Grantham gave an insightful presentation about climate change.

Investment and Portfolio Ideas

10 Stocks for a Low-Carbon Economy
These companies are well-positioned for a world less dependent on fossil fuels.

3 Undervalued Green Stocks
Not all of these stocks trade in buying range today, but they're solid watchlist candidates for environment-focused investors.

A Look at the Thematic Funds That Offer a Sustainable Focus
Morningstar’s thematic funds taxonomy provides a new lens for evaluating funds with a sustainable focus.

Which Sustainable Funds Are Fossil-Fuel Free?
Morningstar research shows that despite the overall growth of sustainable funds, fossil-fuel-free funds still make up a small percentage of this universe.

Morningstar's Quintessential List of Sustainable Funds
Premium exclusive: Morningstar’s head of sustainability research Jon Hale has compiled a complete and vetted list of sustainable funds.

Special Report: ESG Risk and Opportunity
Morningstar analyzes how various industries are tackling the environmental, social, and governance risks they face--and which companies are best positioned.

How to Build an ESG Portfolio  
Christine Benz discusses her newest model portfolios featuring exposure to environmental, social, and governance funds.

Christine Benz’s Model ESG Portfolios
For retirement savers – mutual funds
For retirement savers – ETFs  
For retirees – mutual funds  
For retirees - ETFs

More on Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues
ESG Risk Comes Into Focus
Companies focus on their ESG risks to build profitability for the long term.

Interested in Sustainable Investing? Here’s What You Need to Know About Sustainable Funds
How to tell different ESG factors apart in your investing decisions. 

The ESG Fund Universe Is Rapidly Expanding
Record flows, strong performance, and other takeaways from the 2019 Sustainable Funds U.S. Landscape Report. 

Morningstar’s Sustainable Funds U.S.Landscape Report

How Does Investing in ESG Companies Affect Returns?
Morningstar research uses a new model to compare the returns of companies with strong and weak ESG practices.

Why Asset Managers' Climate Stewardship Matters More Than Ever
Even amidst a world rattled by the coronavirus, climate change remains the most significant global threat to humans and the financial system.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing
Sustainable investing is an overarching investment approach that incorporates environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria throughout the investment process. Explore our insights on the area and how you can incorporate ESG into your portfolio.