Glide Paths, Style, Horizons, and More: Considerations in Gauging the Success of Target-Date Funds

In 2015, the Morningstar® Lifetime Index FundsSM (the “Funds”), two series of target-date collective investment trusts (CITs) that aim to match the returns of the Morningstar® Lifetime Allocation IndexesSM, were launched. In this report, we present the Funds’ five-year results and dive into what we believe are the main drivers of performance for target-date funds.

In this report, you will learn:
  • The significance various performance drivers had on target-date fund results over the past five years
  • The disparity in fees paid by target-date fund investors over time due to differences in fund expense ratios
  • The drivers of the Morningstar Lifetime Index Funds’ five-year results
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