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Morningstar Quarterly Style Monitor: Q1 2022

The Morningstar Style Monitor is designed to help investors stay on top of style trends. This quarterly publication tracks members of the Morningstar Broad Style Index family and provides insights into their performance drivers and portfolio composition.

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Morningstar Quarterly Style Monitor: Q1 2022

What's Inside

  • Beleaguered by geopolitical uncertainty, most notably due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, global equity markets got off to a rough start in 2022. While the turmoil was broad-based, value fared better than growth across the globe.
  • While their decade-plus dominance remains intact, U.S. large-growth stocks finally succumbed to the unfavorable macro backdrop, demonstrably underperforming their value counterparts during the first quarter.
  • Changes in sector weights were more pronounced than is typical for a period with no reconstitution. The starkest changes were evident in the growth indexes, reflecting their disproportionate share of the general market volatility.

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