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Will U.S. Equities Stay on Top and Bond Yields Rise

As we enter 2022 and investors position their portfolios, it is helpful to look back at how market complexion changed in 2021 and the past decade. Investors can use Morningstar’s global equity and bond indexes as lenses through which to view shifts in sectors, regions, and yield.

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What's Inside

  • How the U.S. now represents nearly 60% of the Morningstar Global Markets Index, a level not seen since the late 1990s and something few predicted at the start of 2012, soon after the U.S. sovereign credit rating downgrade.
  • Why emerging-markets growth isn't guaranteed; economic growth does not always translate to market gains; and developed-markets companies, such as Apple, can also benefit from growth in the developing world.
  • Learn about the remarkable comeback story of the energy sector, which expanded its share of global equity markets in 2021 on the back of $80 per barrel oil price.
  • Views for investors to consider at the start of 2022 such as that corporate bonds look poised to outperform the broader bond market.

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