Best Interest Advice for Your Clients

Powering Your Regulation Best Interest Solutions at Scale

Reg BI Solutions Designed for Your Firm

We believe putting the investor first enables advisors to grow their practices while continuing to act as stewards of capital. We also champion the notion that efficiency is driven by consistency, integration, and connectivity of advisor tools. Our common data, research, and technology solutions can meet your firm’s regulatory requirements and enhance productivity in a way best suited to your business.


Provide data and information for advisors to perform their own analysis and determine reasonable recommendations.

Research and Guidance

Surface curated analysis and insights, offering guidance for best-interest-based decisions and goal planning.


Deliver asset allocation and investment advice, developed through a common, codified process.

Determine Your New Standard


Evaluate the reasonableness of recommendations.

Empower advisors to select investments and determine reasonably available alternatives with data on performance, risk attributes, fees, and proprietary ratings.

Key advisor activities:

  • Screen product shelf for alternative investments
  • Compare alternatives on ratings, fees, and performance
  • Select final recommendation
  • Generate and archive reports


Align portfolios with investor’s goals.

Capture, prioritize, and align client goals to asset allocation and investment portfolios. Then document and communicate client’s best interests seamlessly.

Key advisor activities:

  • Know your client
  • Document client objectives
  • Make a plan with your client
  • Link goals to investment plans
  • Generate and archive reports


Rollover with confidence using portfolios focused on transparency.

Empower more informed recommendations surrounding defined contribution plan rollovers to IRAs or annuities in your clients’ best interest.

Key advisor activities:

  • Search DC Plan lookup
  • Evaluate fee details
  • Assess client fit
  • Make an investment or model selection
  • Review best interest scorecards
  • Generate and archive reports


Design investment lineups that serve clients’ best interests.

Support informed decisions with due diligence scorecards and reports, select lists, and data coverage on prospectus fees, share classes, and more.

Key advisor activities:

  • Qualitative research, ratings, and reports
  • Investment selection
  • Analyst access
  • Global fund reports
  • Comprehensive data feeds

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Spend more time on client engagement with vetted investment strategies.

Access a wide range of multi-asset and separately managed portfolios that are built and managed to help you focus holistically on your clients.

Key capabilities:

  • Asset allocation strategies
  • Outcome-based strategies
  • Select equity strategies

Explore the Difference

Seamless Scalability

Access solutions built on existing data and technology to meet your June 30 deadline in a manner that meets your scale requirements.

Unique Interoperability

Leverage common data and research applications with the flexibility of component technology that easily embeds into any workflow.

Integrity Born of Quality

Tap into our foundational data offerings—steeped in the most meticulous quality assurance —to deliver timely, accurate data inputs.

A Trusted Source

Adopt a category system that sets the industry standard for determining Reasonably Available Alternatives.

Experience and Thought Leadership

Draw upon vetted expertise to develop innovative approaches to asset allocation, research, and portfolio management

Seamless Delivery

Implement tailored solutions integrated with your existing systems through APIs, SSO, or data feeds - creating centralized data consistency.

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