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Morningstar’s Guide to Faster Investment Reporting

Asset management firms looking to stay competitive in a crowded market need a simple yet streamlined investment reporting process as budgets are squeezed and deadlines tightened.

As investor preferences shift and ESG considerations gain popularity when it comes to portfolio construction, asset managers need to be experts when it comes to crafting an investment report that’s clear and concise. From highlighting risk, returns, and fees, end investors need to feel confident that they have access to the metrics that matter, in a way that’s understandable and actionable.

As financial regulations evolve, it’s vital that managers are aware of their regulatory requirements, how they might impact a portfolio, and most importantly, how to communicate these complex concepts to their clients.

This guide provides an overview of key financial regulations and regulatory requirements, from TCFD-aligned reporting to SFDR, and provides practical tips and guidance for refining the investment reporting process. The end result? An investment report that is effective, efficient, and easy-to-grasp.

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Morningstar’s Guide to Faster Investment Reporting

In this Guide, you’ll learn more about:

  • The building blocks that form an impactful investment report
  • Practical and actionable ways to elevate your investment reporting, from informative visuals to signposting

  • Key regulatory requirements so you can create reports that are clear, concise, and compliant
  • How firms can leverage Morningstar’s independent research and ratings alongside streamlined investment reporting solutions

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