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CFR: Understanding Your Client’s Sustainability Preferences – Whitepaper 

As sustainable investing gains impressive momentum and tightening regulations around ESG considerations become top of mind, this whitepaper guides financial advisors to capture and act on their client's non-financial preferences when compiling an investment objective 

Given the rapidly developing sustainable investing landscape in Canada, and the need for advisors to understand their client’s motivations in investing sustainably, Morningstar provides a path for advisors to provide truly personalized investment advice that is in line with clients’ personal values, without leaving the confines of the traditional risk profile.  

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CFR: Understanding Your Client’s Sustainability Preferences – Whitepaper 

What's Inside

  • Sustainable Investing and its various approaches
  • Canadian regulatory guidance on sustainable investments

  • Advisor actions to comply with Know Your Client requirements (part of CFR regulation)
  • Morningstar's ESG data, scores and ratings to evaluate a fund’s ESG performance
  • Aligning client’s objectives and sustainability preferences to the right investments

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