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Research Library

In addition to analyzing thousands of stocks, funds, bonds, and ETFs from the bottom up, hundreds of Morningstar researchers worldwide publish scores of in-depth research reports each year.

Trending Research

Recently published reports that have received significant external attention.

Sustainable Investing

These reports reflect both the foundation of our thinking as well as our efforts to clarify sustainability for investors as this category evolves.

Investment Strategies

Our 100+ global manager research team publishes both recurring reports on key topics such as fees, as well as thematic reports. These are the most evergreen and externally relevant ones we have to offer.

Planning for Your Financial Well-Being

These reports address the topics that are most relevant for investors to achieve their long-term goals, such as retirement, funding for college, and funding medical expenses. The reports themselves are geared toward professionals in the retirement and asset management industries. Investor versions of the findings can be found on Morningstar web sites as applicable.