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Weekly Wrap: Holding Up During Market Downturn and Relief From Congress

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor’s note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

Editor's Picks 17 Stocks With Fortress Balance Sheets These sturdy companies can withstand the economic slowdown--and they're on sale, too.

Retirees and Pre-Retirees: You've Got This Key steps to take back control if your retirement portfolio has taken a tumble.

Buying Opportunity in Multiple Sectors as Market Weighs Short-Term Impact The markets' chills offer a chance to stock up on quality companies.

It's Hard to Make Money as a Bear The better approach: Survive as a bear, profit as a bull.

How Are Global and Emerging-Markets Bond Funds Holding Up? Some areas have provided safety, others pain.

Congress to Help Retirees Cope With Market Downturn Stimulus bill includes provision that suspends required minimum distributions for retirement accounts.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz The Stimulus Plan and Its Effect on Retirees Tread carefully among the potential provisions, from RMDs to hardship withdrawals and loans.

In Volatile Markets, It's OK to Chicken Out Christine Benz explains why now isn't the time for grand gestures with your investments; instead, take a light touch to them.

Is It Too Late to Derisk? Five questions to ask to determine whether to reduce your exposure to stocks after a bear market is under way.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds How Are Global and Emerging-Markets Bond Funds Holding Up? Some areas have provided safety, others pain.

Value and Momentum Fall Out of Favor, but for How Long? Here's a look at some strategies that combine the two factors and how they have fared.

A Solid Choice for Exposure to the Investment-Grade Corporate-Bond Market This Bronze-rated ETF cuts out some of its available opportunity set, but it is one of the cheapest funds in its category.

How Some Top-Rated International Funds Are Doing Our analysts examine the recent performance of funds from Oakmark, Dodge & Cox, and T. Rowe Price, among others.

Market Turmoil Has Bent Bond Mutual Funds, but Most Have Not Broken Level-headed strategies may already be on the mend, too.

Here's Why You Should Rebalance (Again) Rebalancing during a bear market can feel painful, but it pays off in the long run.

How Bond Funds Are Weathering the Storm Eric Jacobson discusses bond fund performance.

What Drives ETFs' Premiums and Discounts? There are three key factors at play.

Stocks Integrated Oils' Yields Are Spiking. Are Dividends Safe? It's likely to be a tough few years, but dividends should remain intact, meaning opportunity exists.

17 Stocks With Fortress Balance Sheets These sturdy companies can withstand the economic slowdown--and they're on sale, too.

Coronavirus: Market Temperature Check The markets' chills offer a chance to stock up on quality companies.

GM Tapping Most of Its Credit Lines Is Prudent We are not changing our fair value estimate for the no-moat firm.

COVID-19 Damage to Macy's Should Subside in 2021 We have reduced our fair value estimate and we view shares as undervalued.

Why This Wide-Moat Firm Is Underappreciated Our research helps identify companies that might not be getting due credit for their economic moats.

How to Approach Dividend-Paying Stocks During Volatility Challenges and opportunities exist.

10 Stocks to Avoid Given the market uncertainty, we'd walk away from these highly overvalued no-moat names.

Coronavirus' Effect on the Financial Sector Volatility isn't always bad, and banks are better off now than they were in the financial crisis.

Online Travel Companies Navigate a Detour in Search Traffic Bookings Holdings, Expedia, and TripAdvisor face a competitive threat now that Google gets top billing on its own site.

Will the Luxury Sector Recover? With many consumers housebound and travel plans on hiatus, Morningstar's Jelena Sokolova discusses the outlook for the luxury goods sector.

Rekenthaler Report This Economic Crisis Can't Be Addressed by Conventional Thinking Alone Now is the time to be creative.

Advisor Insights Combating Action Bias We want to act, but should we?

The Long View Mohamed El-Erian: 'We Did Not Prepare for Something As Severe As What We're Facing' Allianz's chief economic advisor on how to address economic 'sudden stops,' the correct fiscal and monetary policy response to the coronavirus, and the outlook ahead.

A Conversation With the Sequoia Fund's Managers Two members of the Sequoia Fund's investment committee open up about the firm's culture, why the portfolio is more fully invested than before, Berkshire, and more.

Sustainability Matters Are Sustainable Equity Funds Doing What They Claim to Be Doing? For the most part, yes, but many fall short on some dimensions.

The Short Answer How to Navigate Investing Amid Volatility: Free Classes To help investors quell anxiety and put the current market volatility into a longer-term context, we curated a collection of courses from our broader Investing Classroom curriculum.

Commentary What Are Morningstar Analysts Buying? As investors themselves, they're looking for opportunities in a bear market.

Investing Terms for Turbulent Times What to understand about downmarket jargon like volatility, bear market, and recession.

The Highest-Quality U.S. Companies Have Weathered the Storm Best Checking in on stocks using Morningstar indexes.

Investing Habits in Times of Turmoil When life is most disrupted, we have an opportunity to plan for future normalcy.

The Long-Term Bounceback Will Be Strong The coronavirus fallout is hurting, but there should be a treatment by the year-end and the rebound will be strong, says Morningstar director of equities Johannes Faul.

Risky Assets Reduce Fixed-Income Returns Only U.S. Treasuries have been able to generate gains as the severe widening across credit spreads on risky assets has led to losses across the rest of the fixed-income universe.

Corporate Bonds at Second-Widest Level in 20 Years Except for when the market was broken in 2008, corporate bonds are trading at their widest credit spreads and lowest dollar prices over the past 20 years.

New Fed Initiatives Expand to Extending Credit The Fed is using lessons learned in 2008 to help alleviate the near-term financial and economic impact of COVID-19.

Congress to the Rescue? Yes, really. A fiscal stimulus could significantly help Americans manage the current economic crisis.

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