Disregard the Dow—and the Dog—to Stay Focused on the Long Term

Imagine a network news anchor in navy suit and perfectly coifed hair, announcing his or her usual gravitas, "Turning to Wall Street, the Dow plummeted over 600 points today, one of the biggest drops in history," as the feed cuts to B-roll footage of Wall Street traders with furrowed brows looking very glum and then a graphic with a big bright red arrow pointing down. Does this kind of news make your pulse quicken? Does it shake your confidence? Well, we think this story, which is happening more frequently these days, needs more context. 

In this report, you will learn:
  • Why the Dow doesn't make a good proxy for U.S. stocks, in our opinion
  • How Dow point drops can be misleading and why percentage declines (or rises) matter more
  • Why long-term investors should tune out daily returns and stay focused on their progress towards long-term goals

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