Goals, hopes, and dreams are part of every client portfolio. Holistic advice can help make them happen.

Holistic financial advice isn’t about beating generic benchmarks. It’s about using your knowledge and skill to help clients meet a lifetime of goals and creating client relationships that can fuel your practice over the long term.

Our new guide explains:
  • How holistic advice has changed the advisory landscape
  • Why all-around financial planning helps achieve better investment outcomes
  • How holistic planning complements the industry’s shift toward a fee-only business model
  • How technology has evolved to enable a modern, more efficient holistic practice

What Advisors Think

“So many advisors would take this pile of money and immediately just try to figure out how to invest it. But
 when an advisor wants to provide holistic financial planning services, as I do, there’s much more to it than

David Fingerhut
Financial Legacy Associates
Chesterfield, Missouri

“Technology lets us show clients how they can use their financial resources to reach their goals and, just as importantly, lets us present the plan in a way that’s straightforward and understandable to them.”

Harriet Brackey
Co-Chief Investment Officer/Director of Investments
GSK Wealth Advisors 
Hollywood, Florida

“The various modeling capabilities we use with our planning tool enable us to offer clients more than the simple answer to the question of ‘When can I retire?’ Instead, we’re able to drill down for other significant goals, such as funding healthcare expenses in retirement, enabling travel or replacing a primary residence, or optimizing Social Security choices.”

Rick Grimshaw
Senior Vice President/Portfolio Management Director
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management 
Portland, Oregon