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Water, Water. Everywhere? How are Asset Managers Responding?

Water risk is an important and often overlooked topic in the investment world. The COP27 climate conference will clarify the links between water risk and climate change and set the important context for asset managers' active ownership activities related to water in 2023 and beyond. Now is the time for asset managers to start paying attention to water risk and implementing policies to protect water systems.

This paper examines the key business risks and the policies and active ownership initiatives implemented by asset managers that focus on water.

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Research Library Water, Water. Everywhere? How are Asset Managers Responding?...

What's Inside:

  • An overview of water as an investment and business theme in sectors with a strong capital market presence and where asset managers have a strong influence.
  • A review of the Valuing Water Finance Initiative which addresses water-related risks in investing and has been signed by 26 asset managers.
  • A breakdown of the water-related policies of 25 asset managers assigned with the highest two ESG Commitment Level ratings to determine the role water plays in their active ownership approach.

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