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2022 Climate Week ESG Research Bundle

This Climate Week ESG-focused research bundle contains three top-performing reports from Morningstar Thought Leadership: Investing in Times of Climate Change, Global Sustainable Fund Flows, and 2022 Carbon Credits Landscape.

The Investing in Times of Climate Change report strives to help climate-focused investors navigate the expanding array of climate-focused funds available and analyzes these funds through the lens of Morningstar's carbon metrics.

The Global Sustainable Fund Flows report goes over the open-end and exchange-traded funds encompassed by the global sustainable fund universe that claim to focus on sustainability, impact, or environmental, social, and governance factors.

The 2022 Carbon Credits Landscape report provides an outlook on the potential of carbon credits to have merit for environmental, social, and governance investors looking to deploy capital in securities based on impact.

For more Morningstar climate action-focused research, insights, and analysis, check out our 2022 Climate Week Special Report.

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What's Inside

  • Global Sustainable Fund Flows: an overview of the activity in the global sustainable fund universe and details regional flows, assets, and launches for the second quarter of 2022.
  • Investing in Times of Climate Change: an in-depth review of the rapidly evolving global landscape of climate-focused funds at the end of 2021.
  • 2022 Carbon Credits Landscape: an analysis focused on the four markets placing best within Morningstar's framework, measuring maturity, depth, size, breadth, and investability.

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