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Biopharma ESG Risk: Introducing Our Capsule System for Assessing U.S. Drug Pricing Risk With ICER Cost-Effectiveness Benchmark

Drug pricing is complex. Few people know the exact net prices drug wholesalers, pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers, managed-care organizations, governments, and patients pay once all rebates and discounts are tallied. To simplify the analysis of a company’s drug pricing practices, Morningstar is introducing a capsule numbering system that categorizes companies into one of five buckets.

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Research Library Biopharma ESG Risk: Introducing Our Capsule System...

What's Inside

  • What capsules we’ve assigned to 18 of the largest biopharma firms in Morningstar’s coverage
  • How policy restructuring, aggressive private-payer actions, or ESG pressure on the biopharma industry might impact individual firms
  • How the use of capsules will be embedded into the Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating analysis and what this could mean moving forward

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