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Sharpening the Tools of the ESG Investor

Understand how ESG data can be used during the investment process and what policymakers are doing to promote or impede sustainable investing.

Morningstar Quarterly European Sustainable Fund Flows

Find out how European sustainable fund flows have rebounded in the second quarter of the year after the market turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investing in Times of Climate Change: Climate-Aware Investors Have More Choices Than Ever

As the global transition to a low-carbon economy becomes reality, discover how this shift has created more opportunities for climate-aware investors.

Learn more about ESG screening and manager selection in Morningstar Direct.

For advisors and wealth managers, ESG data can help identify suitable funds and perform company level analysis. For asset managers, it is critical to the sustainable product development process and is a vital component of future-oriented competitive analysis. Learn how to use ESG data alongside other factors in Morningstar Direct and discover what is driving a fund’s Sustainability Rating using our full dashboard of sustainability metrics.

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