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We help you develop fully-integrated programmes that reach the audience you want to target—whether it’s a branding campaign, product launch, or thought leadership distribution. We have a unique approach to developing the right solutions for you.

Simplify Your Media Planning With Morningstar

Morningstar websites are the gateway for professional and individual investors looking to discover new investments, build/upgrade portfolios, monitor investments, and view real-time market data.

Why advertise with Morningstar
  • Brand association—aligning brand and message with Morningstar’s key values of transparency and independence.
  • Putting brand in front of investors whilst they are in the mindset to research new investments and strategies.
  • Simple execution to achieve reach of your target audience— wealthy, private investors and investment professionals.
  • Dedicated Client Account Manager for optimized delivery of your marketing campaign.
  • Frequent feedback from advertisers—Morningstar attract some of the most engaged visitors to their ads.
  • Audience surveys of our audience demonstrates that our users are :
    — heavily investment focused
    — seeking new opportunities
    — have significant income/wealth to invest

Morningstar Websites

EMEA Websites

Morningstar websites are the gateway for professional and individual investors looking to discover new investments, build/upgrade portfolios, monitor investments, and view real-time market data. Morningstar offers an independent voice supported by more than 440 analysts who provide continuous investment coverage and commentary. While each pathway may be different, Morningstar’s research and data allows our audience to make educated investment decisions.

Professional investors visit Morningstar to:
  • look up individual stocks or fund data
  • monitor markets
  • find or evaluate investment vehicles for clients
  • develop and track investment portfolios
  • cite as an independent perspective
Individual investors visit Morningstar to:
  • research investments
  • look for new investment ideas
  • check securities’ prices
  • keep up with stock markets news
  • manage investment portfolios
  • read editorial content

Online Ad Units and Targeting Capabilities

Core Audience

Individual investors, and financial professionals

Investment-Specific Targeting

Locates users who are monitoring or researching specific investments.

  • Target by asset classes and investment categories: Fixed Income, Equities, Emerging Markets, Multi-Asset
Workflow Targeting

Identifies investment and recommendation pathways where users are using the site to make purchase decisions.

  • Target by data channels and specific investment centres screenshots with content distribution modules

Content Distribution

The majority of professional and individual investors see value in the information from asset management firms on Morningstar websites.* Engage investors by showcasing content through our proprietary content distribution units.

Content Distribution Modules

At Morningstar we are recognised for our independent voice and unique content globally. By aligning your brand with these values you’ll engage with our unrivalled audience.

Asset managers’ portfolio construction tips, economic and investment insights, throught leadership and factsheets are named as sought after pieces by Morningstar users.*

Delivery Options:
  • Homepage
  • Fund Reports
  • Articles
  • Channel cover pages
  • Newsletters
  • As part of a Centre sponsorship
  • As part of an Asset Class sponsorship
  • As part of a Special Report Week sponsorship homepage buyout screenshots

Special Report Weeks

Morningstar Special Reports are designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of a particular investment topic. Position yourself contextually as a thought-leader and reach Morningstar’s audience while they are actively researching a topic relevant to you.

Examples of topics covered by Morningstar editorial team: ESG and Sustainable Investing, Education and Back to Basics, ISA and Tax-Efficient Investing, Emerging Markets Guide, Guide to Income Investing, etc.

Sponsorship includes:
  • Homepage promo
  • Leaderboard and MPU on all related articles
  • Sponsor’s boxes on all related articles
  • Custom newsletter screenshots with content sponsorships

Centre Sponsorship

Morningstar is a leader in the field of fund research and analysis. You can be the exclusive sponsor of an entire investment centre on Morningstar.

Align your brand with Morningstar’s trusted content with exclusive sponsorship of all placements within a specific investment-related centre.

Available centers:
  • Retirement Centre
  • Investment Trusts Centre
  • Exchange-Traded Funds Centre
  • Personal Finance Centre


Dedicated emails

Dedicated Emails and Newsletters

Third Party Emails

Third party emails offer marketers the opportunity to communicate a high-impact, timely message to our unique audience of financial advisers and individual investors.

Third party emails are sent from Morningstar on behalf of an exclusive advertiser and feature 100% client-provided content. Present your message directly to a list of participants who have opted in to receive offers carefully screened by Morningstar.


Exclusively sponsor Morningstar newsletters, aligning your brand with specialist content from Morningstar editors. Newsletters can be weekly or daily overviews, thematic—Equities, ETFs, etc—and user specific.

Case Studies

Multimedia events with Alexa and mobile devices

Case Studies

Use Morningstar to reach your target audience on a global, regional or local level. We can design campaigns to suit your geographical needs with simple execution.

Global Display: PIMCO, brand campaign
  • Campaign covering North America, Europe, APAC
  • Reached over 2 million investors
  • Simple execution to acheive global reach
Regional: JP Morgan, thematic campaign
  • Exclusive ownership of Morningstar’s ESG Content
  • Showcase own ESG capabilities and position itself as the market leader
  • Reach investors across key EU markets
Local: Baillie Gifford, product campaign
  • Advertisement around Morningstar UK’s Investment Trusts content and data pages
  • High impact formats
  • Target investors engaged in a content focused on their key product